The Gloucestershire financial planning firm that can help support the generations to come

Sitting down to plan for your children's and grandchildren's financial futures is something most parents think about at some stage. Gloucester-based practice, Sanderson Financial, shares its top tips with SoGlos on what we should be doing now to support future generations.

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Taking time to secure finances and assets today will go a long way to ensuring that life in the future is somewhat easier and less stressful, money-wise.

Using the services of a financial advisor may not have been a consideration before now. But if planning your finances for yourself and the future generations of your family is a priority, then taking on board the advice of a firm could be a sound investment.

Sanderson Financial, based in Gloucester, has been advising families for more than 30 years and prides itself on its dedication to staying on top of cutting-edge technologies, keeping up with rapidly evolving markets and its commitment to clients' changing needs.

William Collins, managing director of Sanderson Financial, said: 'Selecting an adviser is a significant decision, not unlike choosing a life partner. It is an intimate, enduring relationship, one which has the potential to shape your financial future.

'When chosen wisely, the right adviser becomes more than a service; they become an integral part of your life's journey, ensuring every financial decision you make resonates harmoniously with your personal goals and aspirations.'

Sanderson Financial, which has recently rebranded and launched a brand-new website, suggests selecting an adviser who aligns and can evolve with your family's goals and needs. 'The financial landscape constantly evolves, with new regulations, trends and risks emerging.

'Your adviser should be anchored to a robust and adaptable firm with a support network and infrastructure capable of weathering these changes. This continuity ensures that you have a steadfast companion to guide you through the entire journey, supporting your financial goals today, tomorrow, and in the years to come,' said Collins.

Collins's own expertise lies in investment, pension planning and inheritance tax mitigation, which are vital components for future financial security. He recommends three important steps to take when planning for the future.

'Firstly, having an initial consultation so one of our financial planners can conduct a deep-dive fact find will give us the opportunity to check if you are on track to reach your goals or whether changes need to be made.

'There are so many different financial products and methods to achieve a client's goals that, unless you were an industry expert, you wouldn’t have the knowledge or the ability to access.'

Secondly, Collins suggests an annual financial health check: 'You make sure your car has an MOT and inspection once a year, so why wouldn’t you want the same for your financial plan and investments? We understand that clients' circumstances change and we want to make sure their plan is regularly updated to adapt to life’s curve balls.'

And lastly, that all-important peace of mind. 'We would put together a plan that would give clients peace of mind; that they are actively taking control of their financial destiny rather than being reliant on external factors. This allows clients to do what they do best and focus on their careers, knowing that we're looking after everything else behind the scenes.'

The value of investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount invested.

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