How Gloucestershire Olbas Oil pioneers have created a healthy workplace for staff for over 90 years

A thriving family company that combines over 90 years’ experience in promoting health and wellbeing via OTC medicines, food supplements, natural products and confectionery, Gloucester's GR Lane Health Products Ltd (Lanes Health) reveals how it has continued to create a healthy workplace as a local employer for generations.

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Lanes Health has produced much-loved family staples such as Olbas Oil, Kalms, Jakemans, Earex, Pro Plus and teangi, for more than four generations.

First planting roots back in 1930, Gilbert and Grace Lane were passionate about improving health and quality of life, founding what is now known as the legacy brand, Lanes Health

Located in the unsuspecting location of Sissons Road in Gloucester, the company is most recognised for its household brands such as Olbas Oil, Kalms, Jakemans, Earex, Pro Plus and teangi, which are crafted using carefully selected plants and nutrients.

90 years on from launching, the Lane family are still integral to the business, with Janet Groves, granddaughter of the founder, being non-executive chairman; her son Jonathan, executive chairman; and Jonathan’s sister, Rachel Cox, and cousins Amy Power and Robin Sissons, directors of the family board. 

Jonathan Groves, executive chairman, said: 'We work hard to ensure everyone who works here feels part of the business and appreciated, and the senior team feel empowered, listened to and able to implement change that shapes the company.'

Along with being committed to producing and distributing only high-quality products and brands, and with over 170 people working across the factory and offices in Gloucester, the company has been recognised on many occasions for its continued effort towards creating a positive environment for work.

This is reflected by receiving the ‘Healthy Workplace Award’ from Gloucestershire County Council and an ‘Inclusivity and Diversity Award’ from Inclusivity Works, which gives recognition to a company's commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

In all decisions and across all business areas, Lanes upholds a strong ethical code of respecting people and working for the good of the planet as they continue to build a sustainable and high-performing business.

The board has always had the ambition to grow the business and achieve its goals, while staying true to the principles that Lanes Health was built on.

Some of the notable key benefits of working at Lanes Health include: long service pay reward; a low-cost health plan; a cycle-to-work scheme; mental health support; competitive salary; and Christmas and bank holiday closing. 

Lanes has also been active in the local community for decades, supporting a plethora of charities including Friends of Gloucester Cathedral, Cotswold Canal Trust, Gloucester Rotary Dragon Boat race and Tree of Light.

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