Quarter of a million downloads milestone for Gloucestershire podcast business

An interactive podcasting platform from Gloucestershire has achieved a quarter of a million downloads in six months, thanks to the county’s expert business support.

By Andrew Merrell  |  Published
As the popularity of podcasts continues to grow, Gloucestershire platform Limor is well-placed to capitalise.

An innovative interactive podcasting platform, which allows content creators and businesses to produce and edit podcasts on the go, has achieved a quarter of a million downloads in just six months.

It is the latest milestone for Shane Monahan, the former Gloucester Rugby player who founded Limor to address the barriers associated with podcasting as a time consuming process requiring expensive specialist equipment.

Irishman Monahan has been developing the fledgling business in Gloucestershire post playing career, and credited support from The Growth Hub at the University of Gloucestershire, and in particular one of its business navigators, Andy Kime, with helping Limor’s growth and success.

‘To become a top one per cent podcaster globally is a lot easier than it is in social media. On average, if you get 50,000 downloads on a podcast you are comfortably in the top one per cent of creators, whereas on Instagram you would need millions of likes to even get close to the top one per cent,’ said Monahan, who before his rugby career studied product design in Dublin.

‘The Growth Hub spotted our potential early on and has been an invaluable source of expertise throughout my journey so far. It has a unique ability to expose up and coming Gloucestershire businesses to amazing opportunities.’

He added: ‘There is no doubt that people are consuming audio like never before, with 465 million podcast listeners worldwide and 12 million adults in the UK listening to podcasts weekly.

‘When I first started Limor, most people did not even know what a podcast was. Typically, podcasts are rehearsed, heavily edited and require specialist equipment, however, with Limor, you can record audio content on the go and share directly from your smartphone.’

Alongside its general consumer offering, Limor has also recently launched its new business focused Limor Enterprise, a content management system used to create, distribute, and modify digital audio content and podcasts; aimed at allowing teams to share their voice easily, connect with clients and drive sales.

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