What it's really like to work at one of Gloucestershire’s fastest growing firms

While most companies will tell you that they're a great place to work, few are brave enough to let their staff say what it’s really like - but that's exactly what Pro Global did, with SoGlos speaking to current employees about their experiences at the fast-growing Gloucestershire firm.

By Andrew Merrell  |  Published
Staff at Pro Global - which has offices in Southgate House overlooking Gloucester Docks - say that it is a truly great place to work.

Pro Global is currently one of Gloucestershire’s fastest growing businesses, recruiting staff, attracting graduates, investing in apprentices and developing careers. But what is it really like to work there?

The Gloucester-based company was so confident about its levels of employee satisfaction that it gave SoGlos access to a whole list of staff - and the results give a unique insight into a firm that's little-known in the county, but whose 350 staff are in-demand from some of the UK’s biggest insurance firms.

From a business that was expected to have a limited shelf life 20 years ago, it has reshaped itself into a market leader and a problem solver, whose solutions deliver growth for its customers and put it in demand with some of the sectors biggest names - all of which makes for some of the most interesting, challenging and rewarding work in the industry. 

Project manager, Louis Harford, who has been with the firm for seven years, said: ‘Pro is a great place to start your career. People here are very welcoming and even though the job looks daunting at first, the staff make it easy for you to adjust.

‘The colleagues are brilliant, everyone is very ambitious and wants the company to do well. Like most companies, Pro are very flexible and understanding during difficult situations.

‘Pro has supported me a lot through different career paths and training on different courses and job areas.’

Team manager, Emily Bevan, who joined Pro Global in April 2021 with more than 20 plus years in industry, agreed it was a ‘friendly and welcoming environment’. 

‘Joining Pro has meant I have been able to progress my career and experience,’ said Bevan.

‘Having the flexible working allows a great work/life balance. With the flexibility and hybrid working this has really started to change and reshape the future of the workplace and offer many more opportunities to people.’

Zakk Powell, a team manager, has been at the firm since 2016 and said it had helped him grow both professionally and as a person.

‘There are plenty of opportunities to grow within the company and you will be supported.

‘Pro also sponsored me to complete a Level 4 Diploma with the Chartered Insurance Institute which is a globally recognised insurance qualification.’

Hannah Brambani, head of operational performance, said: ‘The speed and pace at which we implement change makes Pro a dynamic place to work.

‘The people who work at Pro are passionate about innovation which enables lots of opportunity to develop new thinking and new ways of working.’

Tracey O'Neill, technical consultant, said: ‘I have worked for Pro for almost 20 years and it has been such a good place for that long because of the opportunities, from being able to complete an industry qualification to the support the company gives me.’

Consultant Christopher Crawford said: ‘The people at Pro are what I like the most. Everyone is willing to lend a hand or offer up their knowledge to you. And with its interest in qualifications, not least in the form of these apprenticeships, I think this is a very promising company to be working for right now.’

Shayne Caple, head of underwriting services at Pro Global, has been with the firm since graduating from what is now the University of Gloucestershire more than 25 years ago and has seen it grow from what was then a business called Participant Run Off Ltd to the force it is today.

‘To attract and importantly retain talent, any organisation has to possess a supportive environment in which to challenge yourself and obtain new skills and knowledge, opportunities to impart those skills and knowledge in order to progress and bring variety,’ said Caple.

‘Also, it needs to be culturally welcoming and provide a platform for people to interact professionally and socially with colleagues. These factors help to provide an organisation that people want to work for and can be proud to work for.

‘Consistently through my time at Pro these essential qualities have been present and available.’

Pro Global currently employs 350 staff in Gloucestershire and 600 worldwide. 

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