Common cyber attacks can be avoided with one simple assessment

Have you ever heard of Cyber Essentials? It's a government-backed initiative that allows any size of business to gain the knowledge and know-how to protect its IT systems from cyber attacks — and all it takes is one simple self-assessment to get started.

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Protecting your IT systems against potential cyber attacks makes your whole business more secure, say the experts at Cheltenham-based ReformIT.

Cyber Essentials certification may not be something that every business has heard of, but it's something that every business could benefit from. The cyber experts at Gloucestershire-based managed service provider, ReformIT, tell all.

A government-backed scheme — meaning that costs are subsidised to offer accessibility to all — Cyber Essentials is basically an assessment, or audit, of a business's IT systems, which will help identify any shortfalls or holes that could potentially leave it vulnerable to a cyber attack.

This audit will then enable a business to address any areas that need securing, after which, the business will be provided with a certificate, showing that it is Cyber Essentials certified, providing not only peace of mind for the business owner, but for all of its clients and colleagues, too. Simply put, the audit shows a business how to address the basic pitfalls of cybersecurity and prevent the most common attacks.

Neil Smith, managing director at ReformIT, said: 'Cyber attacks come in many shapes and sizes, but the vast majority are very basic in nature, carried out by relatively unskilled individuals. They’re the digital equivalent of a thief trying your front door to see if it’s unlocked. Our advice is designed to prevent these attacks.'

Once your IT system has been audited and strengthened, the certificate to show this then gives you a clear picture of your cybersecurity level; and your business's users gain the promise of a secure service with reassurance against any potential attacks. And with these basics covered, a business won't be as vulnerable as a target for larger cyber attacks.'

In fact, some organisations require businesses to have this certification before they will be considered for contracts. Sarah Smith, director of operations and marketing, said: 'As an MSP, we believe in the essential power of Cyber Essentials to safeguard your digital world.'

Think of it almost like an insurance policy for the security of your IT system. With two levels of the scheme to choose from — the basic protection that covers the self-assessment and then a knowledge share to secure any vulnerabilities; or the next level of cover, Cyber Essentials Plus which, additionally, offers a hands-on technical verification by an accredited expert, such as the team at ReformIT. 

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