Cheltenham's Cineworld ViP closes to make room for new budget-friendly screenings

Cinema lovers got a shock when they were told ViP at Cineworld Cheltenham is closing its doors in May 2024 — but a cheaper replacement is on the way.

By Emma Luther  |  Published
ViP at Cineworld Cheltenham is no longer available from Wednesday 8 May 2024.

When it opened in September 2019, ViP at Cineworld Cheltenham promised a feast of food and drink before settling down to watch a movie.

Replacing The Screening Rooms, for £32 a ticket, it offered a buffet lounge with unlimited drinks and snacks as well as red leather reclining seats.

But as of Wednesday 8 May 2024, it has stopped the service in a move away from luxury and towards a more budget-friendly offering.

A Cineworld spokesperson said: 'To meet customer demand for more affordable luxury cinema experiences, we are turning these screens into a recliner offering with a small uplift added onto the regular 2D ticket price.

'We are looking forward to announcing more details on this offering very soon.'

Cineworld at The Brewery Quarter remains open while the changes are made to the ViP section.

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