Oscar winner stars in new horror film set in Gloucestershire

Sir Mark Rylance, who won an Oscar in 2016 for his performance in Bridge of Spies, is starring in a new horror film from a Gloucester-based writer and director, set in and around the atmospheric ancient woodlands of the Forest of Dean.

By Chloe Gorman  |  Published
Inland is a new horror film set and filmed in Gloucester and the Forest of Dean, starring Oscar winner, Sir Mark Rylance.

Academy Award winner, Sir Mark Rylance, is starring in a new horror film set in Gloucestershire. 

Inland is an atmospheric folk horror movie written and directed by Gloucester filmmaker Fridjtof Ryder and produced by Stroud-based Henry Richmond, which was filmed in and around Gloucester and the Forest of Dean.

Alongside Rylance, up-and-coming actor Rory Alexander — a graduate from the nearby Bristol Old Vic theatre who recently worked with Danny Boyle on Pistol — stars in the lead role, alongside a star-studded cast including Shaun Dingwall, Sebastian Orozco, Nell Williams and Kathryn Hunter. 

The story follows a young man's journey through a haunted and fractured life, following the mysterious death of his mother — a woman of Romani descent with a strong connection to the natural world — which draws on our collective psychological connection to nature. 

Ryder said: 'There is a hauntedness to the wet green hills and forests, something that speaks of a connection we are swiftly losing, and cannot afford to lose.

'The ecological threads of the film tie in directly with the mythical ones… how the land shapes us, a love letter to mothers, and how, hiding somewhere, between the cracks, is something illogical, something in the form of dream and memory and poetry that is older than us, and that speaks to us about this land we live on, and this borrowed time we live in.'

In its three-star review, The Observer said this 'micro-budget production... punches above its weight with the talent involved' — and Rylance has already said he will work with Ryder again on his next project.

Inland opens at the Gloucester Guildhall cinema on Saturday 24 June 2023 with a special screening followed by a Q&A with the director.

It is showing until Thursday 6 July 2023, with tickets costing £7.75 for general admission or £6.25 for concessions and under 25s.

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