Gloucestershire animal shelter launches campaign to find forever homes

As part of its new campaign, Long Stay Pets Week, Cheltenham Animal Shelter is hosting a free event on Saturday 22 July 2023, welcoming potential adopters to come and meet the many animals in its care awaiting their forever homes.

By Kaleigh Pritchard  |  Published
The Long Stay Pets campaign aims to find forever homes for animals that have been long-term guests at Cheltenham Animal Shelter. From cats and dogs to rabbits and rats, including Ozzy, Smudge, Kato and Freddo.

In the hope of finding forever homes for the furry friends who have called Cheltenham Animal Shelter home for the longest period of time, the adoption centre is launching Long Stay Pets Week.

Kicking off with a free welcome event on Saturday 22 July 2023, potential adopters are invited to meet the dogs who have been patiently waiting to be chosen by their new families.

The week-long campaign shines a well-overdue light on mostly dogs and cats, but also small animals such as rabbits and rats, encouraging those who have room in their hearts and households for a new loving family member.

During the launch event, visitors will be able to speak to the carers and behaviourists about the dogs, before discussing the application process and returning to meet their chosen dog on a one-to-one basis, to really make sure it's the perfect match.

Though the event focuses on dogs, the shelter is also creating a webpage dedicated to all the other long-stay animals, including a six-year-old Staffy; a seven-year-old Akita; a four-year-old tabby cat; and a pair of female rabbits — all of which have been living at Cheltenham Animal Shelter for far longer than its average stay, with some having been residents for over two years.

Places for the event are free for genuine adopters only and must be booked in advance on the Cheltenham Animal Shelter website.

Having been helping animals in need since 1926, Cheltenham Animal Shelter rescues and rehomes hundreds of unwanted, surrendered and abandoned cats, dogs and small pets every year — relying entirely on charitable donations.

The shelter was also named the Charity of the Year 2023 at this year's SoGlos Gloucesterhire Lifestyle Awards for its dedication to animal welfare.

Canine Rehomer at the shelter, Tasmine Iles-Potter said: 'These animals are all amazing in their own way and we are looking forward to showcasing this to an audience of committed rescue pet adopters.

'So far this year, over 230 animals have come to us and happily most of them are now in their forever homes. We would love for our featured pets to join them as a result of our Long Stay Pet Week.'

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