Have you considered fostering a child in Gloucestershire?

From tailored training programmes to a competitive allowance, Nexus Fostering offers unrivalled support for foster carers across the UK – and it's looking for Gloucestershire families to give children a loving home in 2023.

By Annabel Lammas  |  Published
Consider giving a child a loving home in Gloucestershire this year, with the support of independent fostering agency Nexus.

With thousands of new foster families needed to care for the increasing number of children coming into care each year, Nexus Fostering is helping Gloucestershire families to start their fostering journey in 2023.

Foster carers are needed in Gloucestershire to provide safe and caring homes for children who are unable to live with their birth family, whether it's on a long- or short-term basis. 

Nexus is encouraging Gloucestershire families from all walks of life to consider becoming foster carers, to give these young people a nurturing environment to grow up in and build their future – with the independent fostering agency providing help and support to carers and their children every step of the way.

Founded and led by social workers, Nexus has been placing vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people in safe and secure homes across the UK since 2002. 

Consistently rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted, the agency offers unrivalled support for its foster carers – including 24-hour access to its expert social work team, every day of the year – and supports them with training opportunities from the get-go.

In addition to the extensive initial training programme, Nexus invests in its foster carers' ongoing development, equipping them with new skills to take on their fostering journey – and giving them all the tools and knowledge they'll need to help their foster children grow up into independent, well-rounded adults.

It also offers a competitive allowance to cover foster carers for the costs that come with looking after a child – from household bills to pocket money – and to recompensate them for their time and care, as a reward for providing a loving and stable home for those in need.

Other incentives include Nexus's therapeutic-led fostering services, which offer additional therapeutic support, a family support worker and a fortnight's paid holiday each year. Not to mention all families also get access to Nexus's head of education, Andy Plant, who supports foster carers, children and young people with all things educational.

As well as helping throughout foster children's school life, the head of education can offer guidance on post-16 training and further education. He holds regular training sessions with carers and teams, supplying them with the necessary knowledge to confidently attend education meetings; and will also liaise with schools and authorities on a carer's behalf if required, often visiting the schools to help their teaching and support staff deal with specific challenges – for example, when foster children are showing attachment and engagement difficulties. 

Nexus provides a full range of fostering placements, looking after children who don't require long-time care with short-term placements, respite care and temporary homes to support young parents and their babies.

With a careful and considered matching process, prospective foster carers will be given a dedicated social worker and work closely with the placements team, who will make sure they're well-matched with a child or young person that needs their support.

To find out more about Nexus Fostering and the benefits of becoming a foster carer in 2023, visit nexusfostering.co.uk.

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