Veganism to take over Cheltenham Science Festival

The Vegan Society is set to run a host of children-friendly activities during Cheltenham Science Festival 2018, including riding a smoothie bike.

There will be a smoothie bike at The Vegan Society's stand.
There will be a smoothie bike at The Vegan Society's stand.

Veganism is becoming ever-more popular for health and environmental reasons, and The Vegan Society will be raising awareness of the plant-based lifestyle at Cheltenham Science Festival 2018.

There will be children’s activities from The Vegan Society’s stand in Imperial Square, including riding a smoothie bike.

The charity aims to promote its challenge, Plate Up for the Planet, which highlights how going vegan can help reduce an individual’s carbon footprint by up to 50 per cent.

What’s more, adults can also enjoy vegan-centred entertainment throughout Cheltenham Science Festival; highlights will be A Very Vegan Tasting Menu led by vegan chef Day Radley and television presenter Stefan Gates; and interesting debate Should We All Become Vegan?.

Speaking about the initiative, Louise Davies, head of campaigns, policy and research at The Vegan Society, said: ‘We are always told to cycle to work or take shorter showers but the huge carbon footprint of animal agriculture is largely ignored when it comes to fighting climate change.

‘We need to be far bolder with our food choices if we are to protect our precious planet, and Plate Up for the Planet encourages people to do just that.

‘Going vegan is one of the most significant things an individual can do to help combat climate change and protect our natural world – why not give it a try?’

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