Cheltenham rooftop bar bids to become new late night destination

Cheltenham's first and only rooftop restaurant and bar, The Nook on Five, has applied to extend its late night licence to serve alcohol until 2am — but it's not turning into a nightclub.

By Kaleigh Pritchard  |  Published
The Nook on Five, Cheltenham's only rooftop bar, is hoping to extend its license to sell alcohol until 2am, but it's not becoming a nightclub.

Stylish rooftop restaurant and bar The Nook on Five in Cheltenham is attempting to take wining and dining in the town to new heights, with its recent application to extend its licence which, if approved, means it could sell alcohol up until 2am.

Officially opened as the town's first rooftop restaurant and bar in November 2022, The Nook on Five is situated in the Quadrangle building in Cheltenham town centre and boasts good views over Imperial Gardens and Montpellier. 

In its application to Cheltenham Borough Council, The Nook on Five is hoping to extend its current licence to be able to play music and offer alcohol to guests up until 2am, two hours later than its current weekend opening hours from Thursday to Saturday — but says it has no intention of turning the stylish venue into a nightclub. 

Its licensing application proposes opening hours of 8am until 2.30am, with the ability to supply alcohol every day from 8am until 2am — late night refreshment hours being from 11pm until 2am — with the performance of live and recorded music from 10am until 2am.

Head of the management team at The Nook on Five, Edward Surman, said: 'The Nook on Five is not, and has no plans to transition into, a nightclub. Such a direction does not coincide with the aspirations we hold for our venue or the demographic we serve.

'While our operational hours might see a change, our core values and offerings remain intact. We remain committed to creating memorable experiences for our guests, during any hour they choose to spend with us.'

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