New Greek takeaway opens in Cheltenham

With a menu packed full of authentic Greek flavours, from gyros wraps to halloumi burgers, Mediterranean food fans in Cheltenham can satisfy their takeaway cravings at the newly-opened Suv-Laki on Bath Road.

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From delicious gyros bowls to hearty halloumi wraps, Suv-Laki are offering authentic Greek food from its Big Fish restaurant on Bath Road.

A new Greek takeaway from the team behind popular fish and chip shop, Bath Road Big Fish, is now open in Cheltenham, serving up a menu of authentic Greek dishes to take away. 

Suv-Laki is the brainchild of Greek-Cypriot Andri Gavriel and her husband Nicholas, with the guilt-free takeaway serving a colourful selection of dishes designed to make you say 'Opa!'

Having run the well-liked chip shop for over seven years, the couple were keen to bring some Mediterranean flair to their menu.

Options at Suv-Laki include Greek comfort food like gyros wraps with both chicken and halloumi; healthier gyros bowls full of fresh salad and served with warm flatbread; classic Greek salads with Kalamata olives and feta cheese; and some twists on the classics, like halloumi burgers with caramelised onion sauce and gyros loaded fries with Suv-Laki's secret recipe chicken and crispy onions — even better topped with its classic homemade tzatziki dipping sauce.

Each Suv-Laki dish concentrates on healthy whole foods, with daily deliveries of fresh chicken sourced from a trusted supplier of grade A meat that goes through a strict inspection process, ensuring guaranteed freshness and quality.

As well as popping into the takeaway on Bath Road, Suv-Laki is also available to click and collect or order direct to your door on the Deliveroo app.

To check out the menu in full, or to place an order, visit

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