Pizza restaurant is first in Gloucestershire to accept Bitcoin payments

A pizza place in Gloucester is the first in the county to accept Bitcoin payments, welcoming the cryptocurrency to settle the bill for its popular dishes from March 2023.

By Emma Luther  |  Published
Dough From Dough is now accepting Bitcoin to pay for its pizzas in Gloucester.

It's a new era for Dough From Dough pizzeria in Gloucester, as from Wednesday 15 March 2023, diners can pay for their pizza using Bitcoin.

The pizza joint on Westgate Street is the first in the county to accept the cryptocurrency as payment, alongside traditional methods. 

Cryptocurrencies have hit the headlines for their popularity amongst disillusioned workers who have seen their hard earned savings diluted by inflation.

Bitcoin's promise of a finite monetary supply that cannot be tampered with by governments and bankers has seen investors around the globe ploughing their savings into the digital currency, instead of relying on saving accounts they've seen being eroded over the years. 

That's what Dough From Dough owner, Dan Snowdon, is keen to tap into, as he hopes to attract diners not just from around the county, but from across the world.

The 36-year-old chef said: 'We wanted to make a move that was going to encourage people from outside Gloucester into the city. I discovered there was a huge community of people out there who want to spend their Bitcoin on physical goods, so I thought why not!

'People are making hundreds, if not thousands a day, investing in Bitcoin or trading Bitcoin, so I thought why not give them a place to spend it?

'The fact no one else is doing it is a perfect opportunity for me to get in before the rush and be the first.

'I hope it brings in a lot of customers who wouldn’t have chosen us unless we offered this service.

'My hope has always been to create a place where people will come into the city centre from all over the world to try our pizza.'

The Gloucester Rugby fan created a hub for rugby and food when he took over the pizza restaurant, which was formerly known as Hooker & Eight.

Now called Dough From Dough, the restaurant serves pizzas with memorable names including the Cherry and White Margherita; the Sin Bin created by rugby player, Lewis Ludlow; the Green Green Grass of 'Holm; as well as the provocative Cheltenham Average - a jokey tribute to the veg supreme supermarket classic.

Seating up to 40 diners in its pizzeria, it also does takeaways which diners can pay for in Bitcoin too.

It's open from Wednesday to Saturday for dinner, with lunch served from Thursday to Saturday, too. 

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