Popular Cheltenham restaurant goes into liquidation

Popular Cheltenham eatery Montpellier Lodge closed its doors in May 2018, but the owner of the company has now confirmed the firm has entered liquidation.


The owner of Montpellier Lodge has confirmed that the business has been placed into liquidation.

The restaurant branded itself as ‘Montpellier’s best independent restaurant in the heart of the town’ and served up a range of modern dining options within a traditional setting, specialising in produce from in and around the South West.

In April 2018 the company which owns Montpellier Lodge was voluntarily closed down. Speaking to SoGlos, owner Barry Chandler said: ‘We are rebranding and bringing a new investor on board. We are voluntarily closing the company that owns Montpellier Lodge, but not the Lodge itself.

‘This is purely a business move and we confirm all suppliers have been informed. None will be owed any money.’

However, in May 2018 the restaurant closed its doors to customers, leaving many people wondering if it had closed for good.

On June 1 2018, SoGlos was informed by Barry Chandler that the company has now been placed into liquidation.

Correction, 4 June 2018: SoGlos’s original article stated Montpellier Lodge would not be reopening following being placed into liquidation, however, owners have clarified this is not confirmed at this time.

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