Hartpury University introduces brand-new postgraduate course in animal therapy

Designed exclusively for mental health professionals, Hartpury University has announced the introduction of a brand-new postgraduate degree programme in animal assisted counselling for autumn 2024 — and applications are open.

By Kaleigh Pritchard  |  Published
Mental health professionals can now extend their knowledge, with the introduction of an animal assisted counselling course at Hartpury University.

For those already qualified as mental health practitioners, Hartpury University is introducing a postgraduate degree programme in the powers of animal assisted counselling, with applications open for the September 2024 student intake.

The MSc Animal Assisted Counselling has been created to provide mental health staff with a theoretical and practical understanding of effectively working with animals.

Hartpury University's already bursting selection of postgraduate offerings aim to train students while simultaneously encouraging them to influence positive change in their chosen industry.

In the case of animal assisted counselling, students will explore the ethics and practical theory behind the method, in order to maintain best practice when working with animals in human mental healthcare.

Led by a team of experienced academics, researchers and practitioners, Hartpury promises high quality, research-informed teaching and mentorship throughout their studies.

The degree can also be studied part-time with flexible delivery to fit around practice work and other commitments.

Programme manager for the course, Dr Clare Thomas-Pino, said: 'Those studying the programme will explore the many benefits of this discipline while also considering practice, ethics, legality and research.

'As is the case across all of our animal degrees, the programme places a strong focus on animal wellbeing and all activities will be adopted with our One Health, One Welfare approach.'

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