Cheese Rolling dramatised in short film ‘Let’s Roll’

Gloucestershire’s annual Cheese Rolling event is the subject of short film, Let’s Roll, dramatising the annual tradition for the small screen.

'Let's Roll' follows budding cheese roller, Antonia.
'Let's Roll' follows budding cheese roller, Antonia.

The coronavirus crisis may have put a stop to this year’s Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling, but fans can still get their fix of the annual tradition thanks to the release of a short film dramatising the world-famous event.

‘Let’s Roll’, filmed by London-based independent filmmaker, Chris Thomas, follows the story of teenager Antonia who tries to live up to her brother’s successes by training in secret for the dangerous tradition.

The film has spent the last year screening in the festival circuit, including numerous BAFTA film festivals, and has now been released online to celebrate the spirit of the event.

Watch the film for yourself via the player below.

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