How Montagu Academy is helping keep children active during lockdown

Montagu Academy, a Gloucester-based sports coaching company, has been keeping kids of all abilities active, as well as being influential in helping children being filtered into the Aston Villa team for football.

Montagu Academy in Gloucester has been delivering high-level PE and sport to children across the county for eight years.
Montagu Academy in Gloucester has been delivering high-level PE and sport to children across the county for eight years.

Gloucestershire-based sports coaching company Montagu Academy has been supporting schools and children throughout lockdown — leading to some children being filtering into the Aston Villa side for football.

Montagu Academy has been delivering high-level PE and sport in primary schools across the county for the last eight years and has continued to do this throughout lockdowns.

The academy has also established a multi-sport talent programme for children who have performed well, giving them the opportunity to try their hand at a variety of sports including tennis and rugby under some of the finest coaches.

This has led to some children going on to achieve incredible things — especially during the pandemic — including some being filtered into Aston Villa for football, as well as feeding into the county tennis set-up.

As well as this, as a result of the skill-set of the children, a rugby academy was established under the guidance of former Gloucester player, Lee Fortey, to cater for those excelling in this sport.

Chairman of Gloucestershire Tennis, Enzo Mora, said: ‘I am a great advocate of the work Montagu Academy is doing, as they are giving every child in their schools the opportunity to demonstrate not only their skills but basic fitness and athletic ability too.

‘From this, they can highlight to the schools which children may need to work at their fitness and which children are standout performers. They have also offered a pathway to those who have demonstrated significant ability too.

‘I want as many kids involved in tennis as possible, but our first priority should be to raise the level of activity across all sports and then we will all see the benefits filtering down.

‘We have to work more with schools as that is where the largest audience is every day! Finally, we have to look after everyone – not just those who need more activity but also those who want to play sport for enjoyment and those who want to excel. Everyone has to be given the opportunity.’

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