Gloucestershire County Council launches new Waste Wizard recycling initiative

Gloucestershire County Council is encouraging people across the county to try out its new Waste Wizard initiative and discover ways to repair, reuse, recycle or dispose of unwanted household items.

By Zoe Gater  |  Published
Find ways to repair, reuse, recycle or dispose of your unwanted household items with Gloucestershire County Council's new Waste Wizard initiative.

Most of us have some old or unused items laying around the house that need clearing out - and if they're hanging around because you aren't sure how to dispose of them appropriately, Gloucestershire County Council's new Waste Wizard initiative is here to help. 

Aiming to increase recycling rates in Gloucestershire and help residents do their bit for the environment, the new project from Gloucestershire Resources and Waste Partnership offers a selection of different recycling and repurposing options in a handy list, with helpful advice on getting rid of everything from an old mattress, wet suit, paint, batteries or even bones from food.

The initiative is simple, all people need to do is enter their postcode on the Waste Wizard website to allow them to see a list of the available recycling options that are closest to their home - such as kerbside collection, recycling centres or disposal locations.

Plus, the list follows a waste hierarchy and will suggest options for reuse and repair before recycling and disposal, according to what is best for the environment, which could give old, unwanted items a new lease of life. 

For more information, or to try out Waste Wizard, visit

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