Cheltenham BID shares why working with SoGlos has ‘exceeded expectations’

From generating tens of thousands of views of their content marketing to driving website traffic and providing an unparalleled level of service, Cheltenham BID's CEO Heath Gunter describes his experience of working with Gloucestershire's leading media brand, SoGlos.

By Elliot Howarth  |  Published
Find out how SoGlos has exceeded expectations for partner Cheltenham BID.

The first in a new series of SoGlos Successes videos, Cheltenham BID’s CEO Heath Gunter describes how working in partnership with SoGlos has ‘exceeded expectations’ and has allowed the organisation to engage with an audience it ‘wouldn’t traditionally be able to connect with’.

Representing 800 businesses in Cheltenham and having worked with SoGlos for six years, from strategic content marketing utilising SoGlos’s popular hot lists to high impact event promotion, SoGlos has helped Cheltenham BID drive footfall into the town centre, generate tens of thousands of views and click throughs to their website, and boost ticket sales and attendance. Plus, he reveals ‘the staff are really invested in what we are trying to do.’

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