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Oasis Events expert insight: How to plan the ultimate summer party

From bountiful barbecues through to festival-themed get-togethers, summer is prime party time. So, with some help from Gloucestershire’s award-winning Oasis Events, SoGlos has all the tips to help you navigate those party faux-pas and plan the ultimate celebration this summer.

Whether you’re organising a special birthday barbecue, or the wedding of the summer, party planning can be a daunting task. But here to lend a hand with some all-important party planning tips, are award-winning event management and planning company, Oasis Events. The Gloucestershire based firm is led by Dany Fremantle and Mark Fremantle, who create inventive and memorable party experiences for clients across the country.

Speaking to event director Dany, SoGlos discovers which three things to consider before you spend any money, and how you can make even a humble family barbecue into a night to remember.

For more information, visit oasisevents.co.uk directly.

Where should you start when planning a summer party?

Save the date with your guests and prioritise the key suppliers. However large or small your garden party, you will need to secure the venue, food, drink and music early on.

What’s the most common thing people forget when planning a summer event?

Plan B for rain! Pinterest for party planning is full of beautiful photos of garden parties in the blazing sun – from California! But make sure you have a plan in place for the good old British Summer!

What are your favourite Gloucestershire locations to hold an outdoor party?

We have a bit of a soft spot for Cornwell Manor where there are options for a smart event on the croquet lawn, a laid-back tipi party in one of two fields – one next to the stream, a pool party, or a hidden party in the walled garden.

It’s an exceptional venue because it has old world grandeur, laid back charm and lots and lots of green spaces – which we love!

For something a little more low-key, a blank canvas venue with lots of open space and a view is always a winner. There are lots of barns and fields in Gloucestershire which have a field you can rent then you can make the party very much your own.

What are the most important things to consider before spending any money on a party?

There are three things really, and they’re all linked.

The first is how many people and for how long will you party? Second is what style of event are you going to be happy with, and finally how much is your budget?

It’s best to start by writing a guest list, then think about the style of event, how formal or relaxed you want it. This will affect how it looks, what you serve, the furniture you need, and therefore how much space that all takes up for your venue or a temporary structure.

If you make some estimates and get some quotes on all of these factors, they will inform your budget and give you an estimated total. Consider whether that’s in budget, then trim or expand from there.

What are your favourite wet weather solutions?

Genuine Bedouin Tents are our heritage so we have soft spot for those. Brands like Papakata do a beautiful Sperry tent which has its own gorgeous style and doesn’t need a lining. They look great with minimal lighting, and still have a fabulous effect, they’re also large and impressive but not too ‘over the top’ because they look very natural.

What’s the most extravagant summer party you’ve organised?

We seem to be developing a reputation for producing private summer festival parties in recent years, which we really enjoy.

The most extravagant to date included multiple bands, bars and venues around the farm. There was a bonfire, fireworks and fantastic organic and locally sourced food for 350 people across a weekend.

It was a hugely generous party to give but with a relaxed vibe and a strong focus on sustainability and environmentally-friendly planning which made some of the key decisions harder to make and more expensive to deliver, but a great experience for us as well as the guests.

Is it a good idea to have a theme for your party?

A theme really helps with streamlining your planning, and also gets guests into the spirit of things for a great atmosphere and as a talking point. It doesn’t take much to pull a theme together, just a couple of small touches can pull it off if they’re done well.

What tips do you have for people planning a small garden event like a special family barbecue?

Make the little things count – fresh homemade food really makes people feel spoiled and appreciated, and go for a small list of good quality drinks. Don’t try and do too much, do a few things really well and put the effort in – it will be noticed.

Are there any garden party etiquette tips people should know about?

Do let ladies know it’s going to be in a garden so they don’t come in tall heels which get stuck in the lawn! Flats or wedges only!

How can Oasis events help when it comes to larger events?

Pulling together a large event can be daunting in many respects. We specialise in coordinating everything on behalf of the client so that they have one point of contact from first ideas to reconciling the budget afterwards.

We have lots of experience in juggling ideas, quotes, how to run a venue logistically, and of course safety planning. We do the thinking and our clients do the partying with their friends. One lovely previous client told us that she felt like a guest at her own party, she had so little to think about or do in the run-up… that’s what we’re aiming for!

For more information, visit oasisevents.co.uk directly.

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Thursday 30 May 2019

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