Repair café in Yorkley

A volunteer group in Yorkley, dedicated to reducing waste and saving money, is inviting people along to fix their broken belongings this March 2022.

Volunteers are on hand to help with an abundance of household repairs at the repair caf in Yorkley.
Volunteers are on hand to help with an abundance of household repairs at the repair café in Yorkley.

The repair café in Yorkley is back this March 2022, encouraging local people to repair and reuse their broken household goods, rather than throwing them away and replacing them.

Taking place on the second Saturday of every month from Saturday 12 March 2022, people can bring along their broken items to Yorkley Community Centre for volunteer menders to repair.

The repair café initiative which has been in Gloucestershire for over five years aims to help reduce the number of things we needlessly throw away in the county, revitalising items and extending their longevity, rather than allowing them to end up in landfill.

Items that can be repaired include clothes, small electricals, furniture, bikes and more, with every item repaired and recycled helping to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Visitors will also be able to treat themselves to hot and cold drinks and a slice of homemade cake whilst volunteers tackle those worn-out items.

For more information, call The Community Centre in Yorkley on (01594) 560190.

In partnership with Gloucestershire County Council |


Repair Café in Yorkley


Yorkley Community Centre, 2 Bailey Hill, Yorkley GL15 4RS


Saturday 12 March 2022


From 11am to 1.30pm


Free of charge or cost of materials


(01594) 560190

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