Mark Watson at Gloucester Guildhall

Taskmaster star Mark Watson will be performing a high-octane observational comedy performance at Gloucester Guildhall in July 2022, with his new This Can’t Be It show.

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Mark Watson
Mark Watson is coming to Gloucester Guildhall in 2022 with some life pondering and hopefully hilarious observations.

British comedian, author and sports pundit Mark Watson will be performing at the Gloucester Guildhall this Sunday 17 July 2022, bringing an evening packed with laughs.

The Taskmaster survivor, multi-award-winner and No More Jockeys cult leader will attempt to cram a couple of years of pathological overthinking in an evening of stand-up comedy.

With Covid-19, we’ve all had some pondering to do about the fragility of life. At 41, Mark Watson is apparently halfway through his days on earth – according to a life expectancy calculator app he paid £1.49 for. Guests can expect a show where spiritual enquiry meets high-octane observational comedy.

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Mark Watson: This Can’t Be It


Sunday 17 July 2022


7.30pm to 10.30pm


Tickets cost £20 per person


(01452) 503050

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