Thursday 20 February 2020

Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre

Camargue House, 32 Wellington Road, Cheltenham, GL52 2AG | (01242) 584140

Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre is a leading complementary therapy clinic offering a range of treatments designed to help improve both physical and emotional wellbeing for people of all ages, from newborn babies to the elderly.

Cheltenham Holistic Centre review

A leading complementary therapy clinic offering a range of treatments, SoGlos headed to the Cheltenham Holistic Centre to try out its acupuncture treatment.

While I confess to being somewhat ignorant about complementary therapies, I headed to Cheltenham Holistic Centre with an open mind, intrigued to talk to the experts, discover the treatments it had to offer and even try one out for myself.

A clean, contemporary space, the holistic centre is situated just a short stroll from the town centre, and boasts several rooms for therapies, ranging from acupuncture, allergy testing and hypnotherapy to osteopathy, counselling and reflexology.

Not just a centre for holistic therapy, the centre also boasts a light and spacious studio, which hosts a selection of yoga and Pilates classes throughout the week.

I discovered that I was going to be the SoGlos guinea pig for acupuncture, and I immediately had visions of Hellraiser, picturing needles sticking out of me from all angles, like a pin cushion. Luckily, the real-life experience was far less cinematic.

I was met by one of the founders of the Cheltenham Holistic Centre, Eric Goodchild, who performed a mini-analysis on me, asking everything from how I sleep at night and what bothers me in day-to-day life, to what upsets me about the world in general – quite intense for a Tuesday afternoon.

Eric told me some incredible stories about women who have had acupuncture to aid IVF treatment, ease anxiety, help with depression and more.

Eric ended up giving me acupuncture in my feet, a treatment which is said to be used for health maintenance, general wellbeing and to relieve stress and is recommended that you get it once a month.

Unlike getting an injection, the acupuncture didn’t hurt one bit. I felt a small pressure on the inside of my feet, before a slight, pleasant tingling.

Lying on the centre’s comfortable bed in a quiet room for half an hour, it gave me time to focus on relaxing, my breathing and letting the day just melt away.

Eric told me some incredible stories about women who have had acupuncture to aid IVF treatment, ease anxiety, help with depression and more, and while I fortunately don’t have these problems, I must admit, I slept pretty well that night.

A little bit clearer on what holistic therapy has to offer, and feeling a lot lighter on my feet, Cheltenham Holistic Centre boasts a whole host of treatments, designed specifically for each customer and promises a professional, relaxing and beneficial experience.

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Monday 14 March 2016

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