12 ways to keep your garden looking gorgeous all year round

Want to make the most of your garden this year? SoGlos has 12 tips on how to keep your turf looking terrific whatever the season.

Whether you’re a passionate planter or gardening is just starting to grow on you, SoGlos has 12 seasonal tips for keeping your backyard looking beautiful all year round.


1. Revive your lawn

Show your turf some tender loving care this spring. Start by repairing winter damage, sowing new seeds to cover any bare patches and applying fertiliser for a luscious lawn.

It’s also a good time to remove any dead moss and unwanted thatch from your garden, with Holden Garden Machinery offering specialist scarifiers that can help you achieve this.

2. Start summer planting

Wave goodbye to winter frost. The spring sun will start to warm your soil up, making it the perfect season to start planting stunning summer bloomers like dahlias and gladioli.

3. Embrace garden furniture

Functional yet fashionable, garden furniture is a must for those looking forward to spring’s lighter evenings and warmer weather.

Gloucestershire is full of fabulous garden centres where you can find outdoor dining sets, bistro tables and more.


4. Get mowing

Summer calls for more frequent lawnmowing with Holden Garden Machinery recommending a good cut at least twice a week. However, taller grass can withstand intense heat and drought much better, so don’t cut too close – you want to keep that glorious green.

5. Flowerbed maintenance

High summer isn’t ideal for planting, so focus on removing dead flower heads, watering your blooms regularly and getting rid of weeds pronto!

5. Mulch your bulbs

With the weather hotting up, it’s a good idea to cover the surface of your soil to preserve as much precious moisture as possible.

A range of materials, from old leaves and wood chippings to slate shards and sheet coverings, can be used as mulches to keep your soil fertile throughout the season.


7. Prep your lawn for winter

As autumn approaches, it’s best to raise your mower blades when tending to your lawn. This will help your grass to thicken, protecting its roots from incoming winter frost and snow.

8. Get composting

Leaves are falling throughout the season, so grab your rake and start a compost heap. Not only an easy way to reduce waste to landfill, composting is great for your garden too. Leaf compost is full of nutrients that make it perfect for using as weed-repelling and moisture-maintaining mulch.

9. Plant spring flowers

Plant springtime favourites like daffodils and tulips ready for the following year. Planning a beautiful garden full of colour is a great way to keep you feeling inspired even as the dark nights draw in.


10. Leave your lawn alone

Give your grass a break over the winter months. Mowing should be avoided in wet conditions and it’s best to keep off your lawn all together if it’s frozen or waterlogged.

Take the opportunity to have your mower serviced to ensure it’s ready and raring to go next spring.

11. Clean up your flowerbeds

Stop rot and egg-laying insects from damaging your flowerbeds over winter by simply removing dead foliage and rotten bulbs.

12. Protect your plants

Wrap your trees up ready for winter with tree guards, great for protecting against rodent damage, and make sure to cover your plants and vegetables to keep away damaging frost.

By Annabel Lammas

© SoGlos
Monday 15 March 2021

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