9 reasons Gloucestershire businesses should consider online training

Whether compliance is the watchword; training is in your company's DNA; or you simply have courses you need to delivery quickly and efficiently, SoGlos shares why online training could be the answer for Gloucestershire businesses.

By Andrew Merrell  |  Published
Wherever they are, as long as staff have WiFi and a mobile device, embracing online training with the likes of Gloucestershire-based Nimble Elearning could be the answer to your training needs.

Delivering training effectively can make a huge difference to businesses, whether that's vital health and safety training for the likes of construction companies; compliance training for those working in care; or providing your workforce with additional skills. 

SoGlos rounds up just some of the reasons Gloucestershire businesses should consider online training.

It's a more efficient use of time

Research has shown that the flexibility of online training, or elearning, can significantly decrease the amount of time staff need to spend in training to deliver the same result. In other words, if you need training delivered fast, this could be the answer!

It eliminates unnecessary expense

Online training can eliminate all kinds of expense and wasted time. Those who are studying can avoid the cost of commuting or relocating to study; and your business doesn't have to pay out for expenses like food and room hire, either.

It reaches everyone, everywhere, at any time

If you run a pub chain, have regional offices or have staff who are always on the road, bringing them together can be a costly logistical nightmare. If they can study for qualifications online at their own pace from wherever they're based using their mobile or laptop, there are wins to be had all round. 

It's more convenient

The flexibility of online courses is a huge bonus for those who are time poor; work shifts or antisocial hours; or have pressing childcare or other caring responsibilities. Online courses mean employees can dip in and out, saving their progress along the way, with numerous tries until they get questions right, all when it's convenient to them.

It makes education accessible

Even if the time budget is there, finding the right course, trainer or availability at a convenient time in your local area can be a challenge. A lower-cost elearning alternative can be a great alternative.

Businesses can customise courses to suit their needs

Online training companies like Gloucestershire-based Nimble Elearning offer an incredible array of off-the-shelf courses to help solve your training needs, which can sit alongside other training modules. What really makes Nimble stand out is its ease of use when it comes to creating bespoke courses to suit individual needs. Its intuitive software is easy to operate and support services are second to none.

It’s not always black and white

Nimble will be the first to tell you that online isn't always the best option, but what it does is open up the door to ‘blended learning’, allowing you to have a mix of face-to-face and online training. That way, you get the best of both worlds.

It's scaleable

As your staff team grows or you need to roll out more and more training, the beauty of online courses is the ease of scalability, often without increased costs. And if you need to adapt and tweak the courses as rules, regulations and best practice change, that's easy too.

It improves staff retention

In a world where many sectors are battling to recruit the right staff with the right qualifications, it makes sense to try and hang onto the ones you have. Offering online training can be an effective way of doing just that. What better way to show that your company is committed to its staff than by investing in them!

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