6 reasons Gloucestershire businesses should take on an apprentice

From helping to solve staffing conundrums to increasing productivity and ensuring your business is sustainable, SoGlos shares six reasons Gloucestershire companies should consider taking on an apprentice in 2023.

By Andrew Merrell  |  Published
From supporting new talent to helping your business to thrive, discover six reasons to take on an apprentice in the New Year.

For businesses looking to the future with the aim of building sustainability, reinvigorating their workforces and bringing in new skills that benefit everyone, taking on an apprentice could be the answer.

As part of our Gloucestershire Apprenticeship campaign, in association with Gloucestershire College, SGS College, Renishaw and Gloucestershire Engineering Training, SoGlos shares six reasons why businesses in the county should consider taking on an apprentice in 2023.

Apprentices increase your business’s productivity

In short, the more skilled and motivated your staff, the more productive they are. 80 per cent of businesses that employed apprentices found their productivity increased, according to the Department for Education - and 80 per cent of consumers favour companies that take on apprentices, too, according to the National Apprenticeship Service.

Apprenticeships can be tailored to your business

Training providers in the county, including Gloucestershire College, SGS College and Gloucestershire Engineering Training, are successful because they listen to businesses and tailor their courses to meet their specific needs. Which means that companies can benefit from the new skills being learned by their apprentices from day one.

Apprenticeships help tackle skills shortages and help to retain staff

Whether it’s by bringing in a new member of staff or training and developing an existing one, an apprenticeship can be a great way of solving a skills gap. Business leaders can grow a talented and engaged workforce; introduce new skills and energy to their businesses; keep abreast of technological advances and best practice; and develop a culture fit for change.

Apprentices bring a breath of fresh air to your business

Introducing a new, talented member of staff can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the business, add a whole new dimension to a team and have a positive impact on existing staff, as they see business leaders investing in the companies they work for. Existing members of staff, no matter what their experience, can find the challenge of an apprenticeship invigorating, too.

Apprenticeships are cost effective

Government funding is generally available for each apprentice a business takes on board, with up to 95 per cent of training and assessment costs covered for those firms that don’t pay the apprenticeship levy. If you offer an apprenticeship to an existing member of staff, the same applies – no matter how senior they are.

Apprenticeships help business give back to the community

Taking on an apprentice is a powerful way of giving back – be that helping someone take the first steps of their career, or by investing in existing staff and showing them their abilities and input are valued. Training providers in the county even offer degree level apprenticeships, specialist business MBA-level apprenticeships and there are no age restrictions either. 

In partnership with

Helping more than 700 apprentices in Gloucestershire qualify each year in sectors ranging from catering to computing, Gloucestershire College cultivates strong relationships with businesses of all sizes to understand what they need and to support students through to a successful career. gloscol.ac.uk

Founded in 1977 by a partnership of county businesses, Gloucestershire Engineering Training provides apprenticeship training for the county’s best and most innovative engineering firms and continues to support apprenticeships as a route to work and career development. get-trained.org

Globally successful engineering firm Renishaw was founded in 1973 by two former engineering apprentices and works across a wide variety of sectors, including aerospace, automotive and healthcare. Renishaw continues to show dedication to apprenticeships at all levels, too. renishaw.com

SGS College has forged strong links with businesses and helps train hundreds of students annually at Level 2, 3, 4 and higher, in everything from accounting and finance; business administration; carpentry; joinery; education and childcare; gas engineering and electrical installation; construction; teaching; HR; to customer services and more. sgscol.ac.uk

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