9 ways to enjoy a fulfilling retirement in Gloucestershire

You've worked hard, your mortgage is paid off and now it's time for a jolly good rest. Gloucestershire is full of great places to explore with more time on your hands - so get out there and enjoy all the things you've never had time to do.

By Emma Luther  |  Published
Looking for inspiration? Grab a copy of the SoGlos bucket list for some of the best ways to enjoy what's on offer in Gloucestershire.

It's the time most of us dream of; our working days are over and we have nothing but free time and holidays on the horizon.

SoGlos considers the ways to make the most of your retirement, so it's as smooth and fulfilling as your daydreams.

Draw up a financial plan

It may not be the most inspiring part, but get it right and all else follows. You have to do the maths to ensure it's a retirement you dream of.

Most people underestimate the amount they need to save into their pension pot - doing a financial review now could save heartache later. If you need help, financial advisors from Brunsdon Financial have years of experience to share.

Keep active

It might be tempting to put your feet up, but if you want your retirement to be a healthy one, you've got to keep moving. It doesn't have to be strenuous, building little bite-sized bits of activity into your day can make a real difference.

If you're unsure of where to start and want some inspiration, Active Gloucestershire is a great resource packed with information to help you stay in great shape.

Share your experience by volunteering

Just because you don't have work colleagues to catch up with anymore doesn't mean you can't build fresh connections and share your lifetime of experience with others - when and however you want to.

Volunteers often report greater feelings of well-being and higher self-esteem from their acts of generosity and kindness. In Gloucestershire, Go Volunteer Glos has a website listing hundreds of opportunities to choose from.

Stay social

One of the top complaints of retirees is that they feel lonely and disengaged from society. A great way to combat this is to set up or join a social club or sports club.

WI groups are evolving into modern, fun-loving gatherings and your local bowls and gardening clubs could always lead to new friendships forming. Why not try something new and grow your social network?

Boost your brain power

There's a rising awareness that there's lots we can do as individuals to keep diseases like dementia at bay. Everything from crosswords to Sudoku are great for getting brain cells going and can be easily built into your new daily routine.

If you want to add a more sociable element into it, your local bridge club or chess club could be a great place to start.

Further your learning

If you've dreamed about finding out more about any topic, Open University will widen your knowledge horizons from the comfort of home.

There's also the University of the Third Age, which has thriving educational groups for enthusiastic retirees across the county.

Cheltenham U3A is one of the largest in the UK and has almost 1,500 members involved in approximately 120 groups, ranging from flower arranging to ukulele music appreciation.

Wonder at Gloucestershire's waterways

Gloucestershire is blessed with miles of rivers and canals to explore. It's been proven than spending time in 'blue space' is great for lifting the mood. Bob about on a boat, or simply enjoy a stroll enjoying your newfound freedom and leisure time.

We've rounded up some of the nicest stretches in our National Waterways Museum Gloucester hot list with a variety of activities to try, ranging from paddle boarding to witnessing the marvel of the Severn Bore. 

Find a new passion

Did you ditch your childhood hobbies when life got busy? Without the demands of employment, now's the time to rekindle old passions and perhaps discover new ones.

Find your voice in a choir, join a poetry reading group, begin building a model railway - whatever you fancy could bring a whole new richness to your life and if you share your new-found passion on social media, you could inspire many others along the way. Gerald Stratford, 72, from the Cotswold village of Chipping Norton, has amassed 79,000 Instagram followers for his passionate posts on pickling and giant veg growing.

Complete our definitive SoGlos bucket list

If you're scratching your head and looking for inspiration on some of the best ways to enjoy what's on offer on your own doorstep, grab a copy of the SoGlos bucket list.

You'll be armed with our top 100 suggestions of the county's highlights, from flying a kite on Minchinhampton Common to savouring a glass of wine at Woodchester Valley Vineyard. Be inspired and get the added satisfaction of ticking them off!

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