How business coaching helped North Green Security to expand with new cyber security training platform

The owners of cyber security training firm, North Green Security, share how business coaching from ActionCOACH Cheltenham has helped them to navigate challenges, grow their client base and expand to create a new online training platform — while taking back some all-important time to focus on their personal goals, as well as business ambitions.

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North Green Security has been working with ActionCOACH Cheltenham on achieving its business goals since July 2021.
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From focusing on delivering cyber security consulting and face-to-face training, to preparing to launch an innovative online learning platform for SMEs, North Green Security has expanded its operations and services since it first enlisted the help of business coaching firm, ActionCOACH Cheltenham, in July 2021.

SoGlos spoke to owners Dan and Kerry Cannon to find out how ActionCOACH Cheltenham's award-winning business coaching has helped them to develop actionable plans to achieve their professional goals, while balancing work with their personal lives, too.

What were your expectations of business coaching and what has surprised you?

We were unsure what to expect from business coaching but hoped that it would help us understand what structure we needed to put in place to run a successful business and how to make sure that we were adhering to legal requirements. 

Instead, what we have found is that, while making sure we have a firm foundation, the team at ActionCOACH Cheltenham have become supporters, confidants and mentors, making sure that we are taking the time to think about the big picture; encouraging us to take time to focus on ourselves; and providing a voice of accountability to keep us on track.

What are the three biggest things you've learnt in your business coaching sessions?

  1. The importance of time management and setting tasks.
  2. The importance of taking time to work on the future development of the business.
  3. How much a supportive coach can help keep your feet on the ground and guide you through each new challenge.

How has business coaching helped you to focus on your goals?

We have been able to bounce ideas around and refine them in our meetings, as well as take them away and come up with a plan of how to achieve our goals. 

Rather than simply having an idea of where we want to go or what our goal is, our planning sessions and meetings have helped to break down the 'how' and 'why' we are taking with each step.

Through this, we've been able to find efficiencies and remove the activities that were just draining our time as business owners.

How has the business grown since you started working with ActionCOACH Cheltenham?

Since starting with ActionCOACH Cheltenham, the business has built a larger client base and expanded into creating a cyber security training platform, North Green Academy, which we'll be launching soon.

It's an interactive, online learning platform that offers cyber security training to individuals and SMEs — from technical skills to awareness training — delivered through modular courses, taught by industry experts with real-world experience. It's a far cry from our normal consultancy and face-to-face training and one of our proudest achievements to date.

With support from our business coach, we have been able to devise how best to split our time and make sure that we are allowing both parts of the business to grow and develop.

How have you grown personally and as a business owner since working with ActionCOACH Cheltenham?

Dan: I’ve learnt to put less pressure on myself and to take the time to be less reactive and more forward-thinking.

Kerry: I feel more confident of my role in the business and my ability to communicate who we are and what we do.

In partnership with ActionCOACH Cheltenham  |

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