The Cheltenham firm poised to give cyber security an image makeover

According to Alice Violet Creative, cyber security has an image problem. In 2024, the Cheltenham team is determined to bust the myth that cyber is complex, scary and dull, with creative storytelling and by simplifying complex topics into accessible, compelling content.

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Alice Violet believes understanding cyber security is not just an industry concern but a personal one, too.

Cheltenham's Alice Violet Creative is bringing a fresh, dynamic perspective to cyber security marketing this 2024.

With a wealth of content marketing and training services such as podcasting, video, photography and written word, the team is on a mission to educate the public and empower them.

Its goal is to help people make smarter decisions, protect themselves and hold companies accountable for the data they collect and use in the digital world.

SoGlos finds out more about the image makeover Alice Violet has planned for cyber security in Gloucestershire and beyond.

What is your background?

My career began as social media was emerging as a marketing tool. At the time, I worked in luxury travel — a sector deeply rooted in traditional marketing methods like expensive stock images and printed brochures.

As the most junior member of the team, social media fell to me. I successfully built a huge, engaged online presence for industry leaders Abercrombie & Kent and, later, Audley Travel from the ground up. My focus on user-generated content encouraged clients to share their travel experiences, creating organic and powerful recommendations.

The huge engagement surprised marketing leaders at the time, who didn’t expect this wealthy, older demographic to use the platforms. I also pioneered photography and video training for sales teams in Oxford and London, producing unique, authentic imagery for our marketing campaigns, negating the need for stock images.

A career transition brought me to Sophos, working on the Naked Security team. Here, I discovered a passion for the dynamic and innovative world of cyber security. As the Naked Security Podcast producer, I significantly increased its reach, achieving 60,000 monthly listens and winning podcasting awards.

My contrasting experiences in luxury travel and cyber security showed me a need for more visually stunning and engaging content in the tech space, leading to the creation of Alice Violet Creative. This venture combines my expertise in storytelling and simplifying complex topics into accessible, compelling content.

Why did you launch the Cyber Made Human podcast series?

Cyber security has an image problem. It’s mostly perceived as complex, scary, and dull. I observed a clear gap in the market for content that was not only informative but also engaging and approachable.

Cyber Made Human aims to shift the narrative from humans being the ‘weakest link’ in cyber security to being an integral part of the solution. Our show aims to educate a diverse audience, showing the industry how to present intricate topics in a simple, captivating, and memorable way.

How is it going and being received?

The response to Cyber Made Human has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve attracted a diverse listenership of techies and those who have never thought about cyber security.

We think the show’s success lies in our approach — breaking down complex cyber security topics into relatable, engaging discussions.

A prime example is our recent episode on ‘quantum apocalypse’, where we made quantum encryption easily understandable, proving that any subject can be transformed into compelling content.

All episodes are produced using top-tier multi-camera and mic set-up enabling us to share full video and audio episodes across various networks. 

On Wednesday 28 February 2024, we’re recording two shows live at the Gloucestershire Business Show, exposing a wider audience to our content.

Why do you consider cyber education so important?

In our digital age, cyber security is not just an industry concern but a personal one. From the smart devices in our homes to relationships with strangers on social networks, cyber threats aren’t just a business consideration; they’re also individual.

With technology advancing rapidly and legislation struggling to keep pace, individuals must be informed about data sharing and privacy.

Educating the public empowers them to make smarter decisions, protect themselves and hold companies accountable for the data they collect and use in the digital world.

What content medium do you think is most powerful for cyber brands?

Podcasting remains a potent tool for cyber brands, particularly for delving into complex topics. It allows brands to build trust and establish thought leadership.

Cyber security’s broad scope, from technical hacking to social engineering, offers exciting topics for engaging content.

Short-form video continues to gain traction, capturing attention spontaneously on social media platforms. However, the longer-form content that is actively sought encourages audiences to invest time and deepen their understanding.

What do you consider to be the biggest issue with cyber security marketing at the moment?

Despite the cyber security industry’s innovative nature, its branding approach is surprisingly old-fashioned. The prevalent use of cliched imagery like ‘hackers in hoodies’ and fear-based tactics is counterproductive.

The industry is not just technical; it’s rich in creativity. Embracing diverse perspectives is key to growth and evolution; this is why our approach at  Alice Violet Creative merges so well with technical teams, bringing a fresh, dynamic perspective to cybersecurity marketing.

What content trends are you anticipating for 2024 and beyond?

In 2024 and beyond, content marketing will move towards more personalised and immersive experiences.

AI-driven analytics will be key in customising content to individual preferences and enhancing user engagement.

Expect to see more segmented data in newsletters and tailored content funnels like video content. The rise in niche-oriented podcasts and vlogs points to less focus on vanity metrics and a deeper engagement with specific audiences.

The emphasis on high production values, including top-tier audio quality and professional editing, will also become the norm in the competitive content landscape.

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