Cheltenham marketing consultant and cyber specialist launches new podcast series

'Cyber Made Human', a new podcast launched two months ago, aims to show how interesting and diverse the cyber industry is, delving into topics like social engineering, children’s online safety, the role of AI and quantum and the dark web using simple language to educate and empower.

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Alice Violet, from Cheltenham, is based at Hub8 but travels extensively to support clients in Gloucestershire and beyond.

In a time where our lives are increasingly digital, understanding cyber security is no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity.

Yet, the world of cybersecurity is often positioned as some jargon-filled, complex world that’s for someone else to think about.

The 'Cyber Made Human' podcast, from Alice Violet Creative, aims to break these barriers and show how interesting and diverse the industry really is. 

Set up by Alice Violet, an entrepreneur with a passion for digital content, the 'Cyber Made Human' podcast which launched to demystify and reposition the often-secretive and intimidating world of cybersecurity.

Violet said: 'The name says it all. At the heart of cyber security are people: those who protect us and those who pose threats. We often hear the biggest vulnerability in cyber is human, so let’s make it accessible to everyone.

'We meet with experts to delve into topics like social engineering, children’s online safety, the role of AI and quantum and the dark web using simple language. 

'We have chosen to do video as well as audio, as, being podcast specialists, we know the potency of video in content marketing.'

Video and audio episodes of the podcast go live on the first day of every month on YouTube and Spotify encouraging conversation with their listeners.

It's the culmination of years of gathering digital experience to deliver growth.

Violet built significant social media communities for two leaders in luxury travel, Abercrombie & Kent and Audley Travel, before moving into cybersecurity in 2019, where, alongside social media management and video production she became a podcast producer and launched a highly engaged YouTube channel.

Her work took the 'Naked Security Podcast' from three to 60,000 listens per month. Her time in two contrasting industries taught her the power of engaging and strategic content. 

In January 2021, she launched Alice Violet Creative to offer memorable, yet strategic content to the world of cybersecurity and tech through services such as podcast production, videography, photography and written content. 

She also hosts tailored practical workshops on how to create video, photography and podcasts in-house. 

Violet said: 'Entrepreneurialism runs through our veins, which is why the ever-changing world of cybersecurity is so fulfilling to us.

'Being a small company, we can be agile and change direction when needed. We see ourselves as an extension of our clients' teams. We’re passionate about both leading projects and training clients to do everything themselves.'

To listen to the latest podcast, visit  It's also available across audio networks.

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