Why regular home security reviews are so important

Home security should never be taken for granted – and Gloucestershire-based Severnside Security shares why it’s so important to conduct regular reviews.

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When was the last time you did a home security review? SoGlos spoke to Sevenside Security about why reviewing your home’s security regularly is so important.
When was the last time you did a home security review? SoGlos spoke to Sevenside Security about why reviewing your home’s security regularly is so important.

If you can’t remember the last time you checked out your home security system, it could be time for a review – according to Gloucestershire-based Severnside Security.

SoGlos spoke to Severnside about why it’s important to do regular checks and make sure your current set-up is enough to keep your property protected from burglaries.

About the expert – Kane Lewis from Severnside Security

Severnside Security provides fire and security solutions to homes and businesses in Gloucestershire, with expertise in the design, implementation and support of integrated systems and intuitive technologies.

Offering packages tailored to meet each client’s personal requirements, from intruder alarms, access control and CCTV, to life safety, fire detection and automation systems, the company is well-known for its ability to deliver sophisticated projects, as well as its work with large commercial clients and ultra-high net worth individuals.

For more information, visit severnsidesecurityltd.co.uk.

What’s the first step homeowners should take to protect their property and possessions?

Most importantly, homeowners should engage with a professional security company and ensure they carry recommended industry accreditations, as well as ISO certification. Also explore with them the technical expertise they offer, the longevity of security service in your area and their marketplace reputation. Never shy away from asking for a reference or two for peace of mind!

Expect a complete risk assessment, especially if you are considering installing security after a criminal event has taken place, or if you’re moving to a new area or property. This should be presented to you in layman’s terms and not overcomplicated with technical terminology.

A security plan should be written for you with an understanding of your lifestyle and how the property will be used. For example, having pets can make a difference as to how you will be able to utilise any alarm system and so it will need to be designed and tailored around your personal requirements.

Always refer to your property insurance policy to see if any security-related terms and conditions are stated. It may stipulate particular security requirements and this can then be included in any design then created for you.

What are some of the key risks that people should look out for with their home security?

Consider looking at the property from the outside in – that way you will have an overview of what an outsider or possible intruder might see. With this in mind, consider security gates at your property entrance which creates a strong boundary statement and can be aesthetically designed and handmade to compliment the property. This also stops viewing access to the passer by.

Consider prior history of any criminal events on the property or information from nearby neighbours about the area. Also research the crime rate locally using neighbourhood apps, local social media and WhatsApp groups which is a great way to get information from the community – by utilising local knowledge, you will always be a step ahead.

Allowing an overcomplicated security system to be fitted can have its own risks. Practicality is what you are looking for – only have security that works with your lifestyle, or you may find you will become complacent about using it.
Security must always fulfil any insurance requirements or there is the potential for insurance to be invalid in the event of a claim, which is a risk that’s just not worth taking.

Consider what the future holds for your family and the property. When installing a new system, always think about what you may require of it going forward. Not future proofing is a risk as it can be costly down the line and cause more unnecessary works which are not always aesthetically pleasing.

What makes a security system vulnerable?

A security system is most vulnerable if it is incorrectly designed in the first place. Ensure you engage in thorough discussion with your chosen installer to really appraise what is required and ensure that it is appropriate.
If a security system is overcomplicated for everyday use, it leads to complacency because it is too problematic for general use.

Vulnerability also occurs when things change within your lifestyle i.e. a new pet arrives and you are worried it will trigger alarms so you don’t set the system. Always revisit with your security provider to see what steps can be taken to adapt the facility after any changes within the home or property.

Try not to share your alarm code or at least restrict this to essential people only. Keep track of keys given to any outside service providers if necessary and keep a key log, always ensuring keys are returned. Perhaps think about installing a restricted key system to ensure your keys are not copied at any time when out of your possession.

How can people behave less predictably to reduce the chance of being a target to burglars?

Think about the patterns of behaviour you have developed within the property when coming and going to work for example. Change these up regularly in case you are being observed, preventing someone from establishishing your fixed routines.
Lighting can be utilised using the latest technology to portray an ever-changing use of the property, even when it’s empty.

Be careful when using social media, too, as a lot can be easily established when you are posting. For example, letting people know that you’re away on holiday could easily make you a target to somebody.

What is the home security review offered by Severnside Security?

A fully holistic approach is offered utilising the latest technologies to ensure your security system is manageable and designed to protect you, your family, your possessions and your lifestyle.

Severnside encompasses a wealth of experience and knowledge to create you a design that is fit for purpose. We will always take aesthetics into account so that systems and security gates can be adapted as an addition to any style of house – listed, old or new.

How often should property owners be undertaking security reviews like this?

Always reconsider your existing security arrangements when there are changes to your lifestyle or local knowledge puts you on alert.

The purchase of high value goods coming into the home should perhaps prompt a review. New high value vehicles openly visible on your driveway or significant building changes are the type of circumstances that might require changes to your installation. Your insurance might also ask you to upgrade the security you have in place.

How does Severnside Security provide peace of mind for its clients?

By giving you the knowledge that you are dealing with expertise, and that the focus is all about you. Severnside Security delivers reliable security systems, trusted to deliver you peace of mind. All aspects of security can be designed to keep you safe and tailored to meet all your requirements.

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