A summer in the spotlight: Meet the student at Stagecoach Gloucester

Giving superstar kids the chance to put on their own fully-staged performance during the summer holidays, Stagecoach Gloucester recently closed the curtain on its 2022 summer school — with one of its star students, Sienna, telling SoGlos all about her experience.

By Annabel Lammas  |  Published
Stagecoach Gloucester put on an incredible Dr Seuss-inspired show at the end of its 2022 summer school.
Stagecoach Gloucester put on an incredible Dr Seuss-inspired show at the end of its 2022 summer school — starring 12-year-old Sienna as The Cat in the Hat!

Adding a dash of theatre to the school holidays, Stagecoach Gloucester regularly runs workshops for local children to get involved with singing, dancing and acting while they're off school — with the curtain closing on this year's summer school on Friday 12 August 2022.

Fresh off the stage, SoGlos caught up with Sienna, one of Stagecoach Gloucester's regular students, who enjoyed a show-stopping week of drama activities, singing and dance routines, before taking to the stage as one of Dr Seuss's most iconic characters.

Meet the student - Sienna from Stagecoach Performing Arts Gloucester

Sienna played the role of The Cat in the Hat at Stagecoach Gloucester's summer showcase.

Sienna, 12, has been a regular student at Stagecoach Gloucester for just over a year, attending its annual summer school this August 2022 and taking part in a week of sessions building up to a fully-staged performance, where she had the chance to step into the spotlight

Stagecoach Performing Arts in Gloucester runs weekly classes in dance, drama and singing for children and teenagers aged four- to 18-years-old, helping young performers build their confidence and teaching them skills for life.

What got you into performing arts and what do you love about it?

I’ve always enjoyed singing from a young age, whether it was nursery rhymes or school-taught songs.

I started gymnastics at five and really enjoyed being able to do routines and the splits, but soon I realised that I also enjoyed dancing and acting.

I have always liked being involved in school plays and joined the Gloucester Cathedral choir in May 2019, after singing in the cathedral with my school as part of a singing project. I was keen to find somewhere I could sing, dance and act, which is when I found Stagecoach — and I've loved every minute of it since!

I love acting the most, because I enjoy learning about a new character and testing how far I can push the character and my own skills.

Can you explain what summer school at Stagecoach Gloucester involves? What did you get up to each day?

We start off with drama activities, a vocal and dance warm-up. This is really fun and helps us get to know each other and feel confident in front of each other.

Once we're given our characters and roles, we are separated into different groups and spend time in different lessons. This is where we learn our lines, songs and dance routines. I really enjoy seeing the whole show coming together!

What was your role in the performance at the end of the week and how did you prepare for it?

We put on a musical called Seussical ​and I was given the role of Cat in the Hat, which I was super excited about. This character is funny and cheeky and has been a great character to play.

Other than the rehearsals at Stagecoach, I have practised my lines, solos and dance routines at home in the evenings.

How have you developed as a performer over the course of the week?

I have become more confident with my character, but also learnt it is ok to forget my lines, and to just have fun with it.

Have you picked up any new skills?

During my singing lessons, I have developed a better vocal range than I had before and feel much more confident when I'm singing a different range of songs. 

Also, to just be confident in myself and my abilities, and not be afraid to do something differently to someone else.

What has your summer school experience been like at Stagecoach Gloucester? Would you go back next year? 

Summer school has been amazing, I'll be sad to finish at the end of the week, as it's been so much fun. I will definitely go to the summer school again next year. Luckily for me, I attend Stagecoach every weekend and absolutely love it!

Stagecoach feels like a big family and I love that I'm never judged and always encouraged to try my best. I've grown so much in confidence since starting Stagecoach and I love feeling like I can be myself.

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