Curious or concerned about your overall health? Have yourself assessed at Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital

As part of our Private Health Advice Series, SoGlos spoke to Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital about what to expect from the range of health assessments it offers.

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Health assessments at Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital can involve 15 to 30 different tests.

Whether you are curious about your overall health, want to improve your lifestyle - or have specific health concerns, Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital offers a range of health assessments to suit.

Discover what can be achieved in as little as 60 minutes and the benefits of private healthcare, with appointments available without referral and test results processed post-haste.

About the expert - Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital

Nuffield Health’s private hospital in Cheltenham promises first class treatment with minimum waiting lists. Offering everything from health assessments to surgery in state-of-the-art clinical facilities, as well as the latest diagnostic imaging facilities, including on-site MRI and CT scanning. Areas of specialty include orthopaedics, cosmetic surgery, spinal services, sports injury, ENT, gynaecology and urology.

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How many different types of health assessments does Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital offer?

Lifestyle assessments, costing £319 and lasting for 60 minutes, are carried out by our physiologists. The 15 tests included are designed to reduce the risk of future disease through early detection.

Female specific health assessments are also available, costing £399 and lasting 60 minutes. These are carried out by our in-house doctors and involve 13 tests for those concerned about any aspect of female health.

Our 360 health assessments are designed to provide patients with a more comprehensive view of their health. Costing £679 for 120 minutes, there are 29 tests involved, carried out by our in-house doctors and physiologists. These are aimed at those with concerns about aspects of their health, like their risk of diabetes or heart disease.

In addition to this, we offer 360+ health assessments, which are even more in-depth. Costing £899 for up to 30 tests over 180 minutes, they include a 60-minute physical fitness test using our Wattbike. This option is for those who want to focus on their cardiovascular health in particular and are concerned about their heart, fitness, cancer, or planning to improve their future health. 

Is there anything that isn’t suitable for a health assessment or not covered?

Emotional wellbeing and mental health is not covered in a general health assessment, although a conversation with a medical professional is always encouraged, so that they can point you in the right direction of other services we may offer.

Who carries out the health assessments at Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital?

We have three physiologists here in Cheltenham, Luke, Jess and Molly; plus two doctors, Stephen and Julie, who all work as a team to complete a health assessment.

What's the difference between a health MOT at my local gym and a health assessment at Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital?

At a health assessment, you have the opportunity to see a doctor and a more detailed blood analysis will be made, alongside ECG testing, fitness testing and further coaching.

You will receive a full health report once the assessment has been reviewed.

How does long it take to get the test results back?

We aim for most of our reviews (including blood sampling) to be back the same day the assessment is done.

If there are additional queries that need to be sent off, then these will be in the report sent to the patient.

The report will be released to the patient within 14 days.

If any issues are uncovered, what happens next?

A referral will be sent from the health assessment doctor to the patient’s GP, or a private specialist consultant based here at the Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital.

How do I go about booking an assessment and how quickly can they be arranged?

Health assessments can be booked by calling our central line on (03301) 624466.

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