The holistic physiotherapy team empowering patients to revitalise their lifestyles and wellbeing

Whether you need help with knee injuries, shoulder conditions, back pain, pelvic health, vestibular rehabilitation, chronic pain or sporting injuries, the team of physiotherapists at Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital are on hand to get you through it and thriving on the other side.

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Physiotherapy at Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital is designed to empower people to take control and self-manage their conditions — and prevent any potential issues in future.

Physiotherapy can be a powerful tool that empowers people to rebuild their health and wellbeing — and the team at Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital is poised and ready to help with everything from sporting injuries, joint and back pain to vestibular rehabilitation. 

SoGlos talks to integrated clinical services manager Francesca Collett and outpatient clinical lead physiotherapist Kate Pilkington to find out about the range of services on offer and the difference they can make.

Why should people consider physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy works well for those who are in any pain or discomfort, want to optimise their performance in sport or if they feel they would just like to get stronger and more mobile.

Unlike other therapies, physiotherapy offers a holistic approach, not only treating the physical symptoms, but offering advice around lifestyle and wellbeing.

Physiotherapy aims to empower patients to take control over their issue, and to be able to self-manage and prevent any potential issues in future.

Our approach is very individual and goal specific, working together to ensure patients expectations are met.

Why should patients consider coming to Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital for physiotherapy?

We have a highly skilled and widely experienced team of physiotherapists, based in a clinic within the hospital. They work from five private treatment rooms in addition to an exercise studio and a specialist rehabilitation gym. 

Within the team, we cover a range of specialities, including knee injuries, shoulder conditions, back pain and pilates, pelvic health, vestibular rehabilitation, chronic pain, sporting injuries and prevention.

We have strong working relationships with the consultants and GPs to enable a seamless, high standard level of care, which is tailored to the patient’s needs.

What can new patients expect during an appointment?

During the initial consultation, the physiotherapist will take a detailed history of the problem. This is an opportunity for patients to tell their story, and voice any concerns or worries they may have regarding the issue at hand.

We also complete a comprehensive medical screening process. After a thorough physical assessment, we use the information gathered to formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan.

On follow-up appointments, we will review symptoms and progress the treatment accordingly.

This can include hands on treatment, a bespoke exercise programme or acupuncture. The number of treatments required will vary depending on the patient's needs, in order to achieve their goals and help them return to their desired level of activity.

Is there any additional support for patients?

At Nuffield Health Cheltenham Physiotherapy, not only do we have access to our gym to assist with patient rehabilitation, but we also have use of an anti-gravity treadmill and hydrotherapy which, where appropriate, can be used alongside a tailored physiotherapy plan to help patients in their recovery.

Hydrotherapy is a great adjunct to the treatment we provide in the hospital. It works well for those who struggle to exercise ‘on land’ and benefit from the support of warm water when exercising.

Hydrotherapy can improve mobility and symptoms following hip and knee surgery, back surgery and other joint aches and pains, for example, arthritic pain. The pool sessions are led by a senior physiotherapist, who will guide patients through a personalised exercise programme.

The anti-gravity treadmill is a state of the art machine which can help restore and build muscle strength, range of motion, balance and fitness.

It uses a pressurised air chamber to reduce the gravitational load and body weight in precise one per cent increments, allowing for unrestricted and pain free movements.

The treadmill can be used after lower limb injuries or surgery, to assist in a return to running and also weight loss.

How can people book a physiotherapy appointment at Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital?

Phone the physiotherapy department on (01242) 246503 and speak to one of our receptionists to find out more about what we can offer and how we can specifically help.

Whether patients are recovering from an injury, getting back to fitness after surgery or just have an ongoing niggle that they want sorting, we have a physio to suit their needs.

Anyone interested in reading more about our fantastic team at Cheltenham, or booking online, can also visit

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