Garden improvements that will boost the value of your Gloucestershire home

Updating the garden is something that's often put off, but improving your outdoor space can actually boost the value of your property. SoGlos speaks to Gloucestershire garden timber merchants, Cheltenham Fencing, to find out how...

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Replacing and repainting fencing is a quick, easy and inexpensive way of sprucing up the garden, according to timber merchants, Cheltenham Fencing.

The summer months are the ideal time to give the garden an update and refresh your outdoor space — and homeowners may be surprised to know that, no matter the size of your garden, any improvements can add real value to your property.

SoGlos spoke to George Smith, managing director of Cheltenham Fencing, to find out how to make the improvements that will add extra value, without blowing the budget.

What's the first thing to do when looking to improve your Gloucestershire garden?

The first thing to think about is how you intend to use your garden. Draw up a list and ask yourself: do you want to create areas for dining and socialising; do you want it to be low maintenance, wildlife friendly, private? How secure does it need to be? Do you want to grow fruit and vegetables, or leave space for children and pets to play? Do you need secure storage spaces, or a home office or workshop? Do you want a modern or rustic feel?

The clearer you can be at this stage, the easier it will be to design, plan, and identify which materials you are going to need. You will also be able to produce a more accurate budget by thinking about these things up front.

For anyone not looking for a complete landscaping project, what options are there for smaller makeovers?

Some of your existing products may just need some simple repair work or repainting. You can also prioritise certain areas.

For example, if creating a space to entertain or dine is important to you, it may be worth spending more of your budget on a fantastic deck, but cutting back in other areas that may have less impact or add less value to your property.

With most products, there are price ranges to select from, too. For example, choosing timber decking over composite will result in a lower initial outlay, although if you are planning to stay at the property for a long time, we’d always recommend choosing the longest lasting options as they tend to represent much better lifetime value.

What are some key outdoor renovations that can add value to a property?

Firstly, kerb appeal still goes a long way, so ensuring the front of your house is smart and tidy will really help. Contemporary fencing and entrance gates give the impression of a property that’s cared for and desirable.

Creating dining and entertaining areas in your garden will also add value if done well. With warmer summers, we are spending more time barbecuing and enjoying our outdoor spaces, and these outdoor dining and sitting areas are highly sought-after.

What about adding extra living space with garden buildings?

Installing a garden building, workshop or home office is a quick and easy way to add significant value to your property. Generally, much lower in cost than extending, it will appeal to people who either need storage space for garden equipment, or people that work, study, or engage with hobbies at home.

How important is a good garden fence?

Ensuring your fencing is secure, private and attractive is very appealing to prospective buyers. Firstly, it defines a clear boundary which will reassure people viewing the property that it’s not something they are going to have to worry about or tackle with new neighbours.

Secondly, most people really value their privacy, but also want an attractive and long-lasting solution to achieve this. People with young children and pet owners particularly value secure and robust fencing around their garden and may worry about the cost to achieve this if it’s not already in place.

Finally, invest in the best and most durable products that you can afford when installing any outdoor timber products. People can see quality, and will place a higher value on things when they can see that work has been carried out to a high standard — and that the products are built to last. Poor workmanship and low quality products will impact any increase in value you may otherwise achieve.

How much value can homeowners hope to add with these improvements?

This will vary greatly on the type of property and amount and standard of work done, but estimates range anywhere from 10 to a huge 70 percent. If you are doing the work purely for re-sale reasons, consult an estate agent who may be able to advise what sort of premium you can expect to achieve once you’ve completed your project.

What advice would you give to people who are looking to improve their garden, but aren't looking to sell?

Install timber products built to last, ask your supplier or installer about product guarantees before purchasing them and speak to an expert. It’s far better to speak to suppliers, installers and designers at the early stages of your project. They will be able to guide you and suggest ways of achieving your objectives.

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