Just Fabrics expert insight: How to refresh your home on a budget

Bursting with inspiration, an expert team, and all things interiors, Just Fabrics speaks to SoGlos about how you can refresh your home without breaking the bank.

Just Fabrics shares the secrets to refreshing your home on a budget.
Just Fabrics shares the secrets to refreshing your home on a budget.

With a store in Cheltenham and in Burford, Just Fabrics offers a whole host of inspiration for upcycling furniture, leasing new life into your home or creating a stunning look with new curtains, cushions and more.

Speaking to SoGlos about how you can update your home without splashing the cash, expert from Just Fabrics, Alice Whitehead, explains how bespoke can still mean a bargain, and why a trip to Just Fabrics could save you money when refreshing your home.

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How can you refresh a room without completely redecorating it?

With fabrics it’s really easy because a lot of people think you have to change the curtains, which can be really expensive, but even something as simple as changing up the cushions and accessories is a simple way of refreshing the colour scheme on a budget.

We’ve also got a range of cushion panels, so for the crafters out there they’re really popular because people can make something themselves. You can also make something really unique by using a different trim. We also sell lampshade kits, which are really inexpensive and make a big difference to the overall look.

Changing the cushions on a sofa is a really simple and very effective way of changing the way a room looks and feels. Some customers choose to change them at different times of the year too. So, in the summer, they use brighter colours and in the winter they use tartans and wools to make it much cosier.

Are there cheaper alternatives to sprucing up furniture, rather than buying brand new items?

It’s so common now for people to upcycle things that they have, or going to car boots and sourcing lovely items and changing them up. We have a lot of people who have an old chair and even a fabric remnant or scrap is enough to recover and transform it.

We’ve got a lot of upholstery fabrics but if it’s a chair that isn’t going to be sat in all the time, even the less expensive cotton fabrics might be enough.

What advice can you give someone who doesn’t know where to start with their room refresh?

People can find it really daunting to know where to start or how to measure up windows for new curtains – especially tricky bay windows.

We offer a home consultancy service which is free. Our home consultants can come to your house if you’re within 25 miles of our two stores in Burford and Cheltenham, and take a look at your windows or rooms and recommend things that will go well. It’s great because they can take a look at what style your home and furniture are, and suggest things that will go with that room.

If someone is looking to refresh a room themselves, then the team in our shops are so knowledgeable that they can give advice on how to create anything. We also have a lot of fabric books with lovely lifestyle photos in them so you can see a product in a room.

How can people keep up with trends in their home without breaking the bank?

There’s always inspiration in shop windows but I would say that when it comes to trends, don’t just pick something that is currently trendy, go with something you love.

With something like interiors, it’s not something you’re going to change every single year. If you are investing in a beautiful pair of curtains, you’ll want them to last for years, so I’d say, make sure it’s something you really love.

Can anyone bring in a piece of furniture for Just Fabrics to reupholster?

Absolutely! We have an upholsterer that we work with. It’s probably best if you come in with a photograph of a piece and we can suggest what would work best.

We work with almost all of the main suppliers in the fabric industry. We have really high-end ones and more affordable ones, so we can get fabrics for you at a really good price.

What can visitors expect from a visit to Just Fabrics?

Our team are just like a family and the stores are a really nice place to be. A lot of people can be intimidated by going to a fabric store as there’s just so much choice, whereas at Just Fabrics, the team have such a great idea of the products we have, that we can help people who really don’t know where to start.

We offer a free sample service and we’d encourage anyone to come and have a look, people are often surprised with how much choice there is and the great prices.

To find out more about Just Fabrics, visit justfabrics.co.uk directly.

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