£1 million investment confirmed for Gloucester's newest leisure destination

A new flagship sport and fitness experience is coming to Gloucester Quays Retail Park this autumn 2024 — with The Padel Club pumping a massive £1 million investment into the former Toys 'R' Us unit.

By Zoe Gater  |  Published
Work on The Padel Club will begin by the end of May 2024, with plans to open this autumn.

The Padel Club has announced an investment injection of £1 million into its soon-to-be flagship venue in Gloucestershire, transforming Gloucester Quays' former Toys 'R' Us store into a premium racket and fitness hub.

Confirming plans to launch a new nine-court club, the fast-growing Wilmslow-based brand, founded by Kris Ball in 2022, says its new 43,000 sq ft unit on St Ann Way will be designed to build on its incredible Padel Club concept, encouraging play and sociability.

Peel Land and Property Group has now signed a deal with the padel company who will work with wellbeing and leisure group, Zynk Design, to convert the empty premises into a vibrant, social games venue, breathing new energy into the city.

With venues in Cheshire and Greater Manchester, the Gloucester venue will be the first south west hub, with The Padel Club looking to expand the popularity of the sport with its distinctive, award-winning and highly social padel experience.

The fastest-growing racket sport ever, currently dominating Europe and set to disrupt the UK sports industry, padel is a hybrid of squash and tennis, played in doubles on a smaller court that also utilises the walls. 

The courts' compact size makes the game impactful, competitive and exciting, whilst also remaining inclusive for people of all abilities.

Kris Ball, CEO of The Padel Club said: 'We don’t see padel as just another racket sport or something you do when you can’t find the tennis courts. Padel is an incredible sport, but for The Padel Club it’s also about community. We have built a model that not only encourages people of all ages and abilities to play, but to also meet new people, play in different competitions and, whilst they may come as players, leave as friends.'

He added that the expansion into Gloucester has long been part of the club's plans, as it saw the opportunity to partner with Peel Retail and Leisure and open a club in a location which has strong ties with thriving local businesses and a well-known sporting scene. 

He said: 'We are very much aware of the popularity of the sport for sports people and Gloucester has one of the most impressive rugby teams in the country. We get professional rugby, footballers, cricketers and athletes coming to our venue in the north west and can see the opportunity to bring our brand of Padel to a community that is inherently sporting and deeply involved in the local community. We have shared values which are important to our growing team.'

Working in partnership with Peel, Mark Whittaker, executive director of Peel Retail and Leisure said: 'We are proud to announce plans to open The Padel Club’s third club in the UK, right here at our popular retail park.

'This exciting addition will not only enrich the sporting community in Gloucester but also complement the vibrant offerings we have. We're thrilled to collaborate with The Padel Club expanding the reach of this exciting sport into new communities.' 

Work on The Padel Club's new venue will start by the end of May 2024 and is scheduled to open to the public in October 2024, with more information to follow.

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