Cheltenham cyber hub secures funding from Barclays to work with Gloucestershire businesses

CyNam, the cyber security hub based at Cheltenham's Brewery Quarter, has been awarded funding from Barclays to help continue its work with Gloucestershire businesses.

By Sarah Kent  |  Published
CyNam can continue its work with entrepreneurial programmes, one-to-one mentoring and events and workshops with its new funding allocation.

CyNam, which has been working with Gloucestershire businesses since 2017 and has nearly 5,000 members, has been awarded funding from the Barclays Eagle Labs Ecosystem Partnership Programme.

The cyber hub wants to continue to grow its work with local businesses, working together to develop and promote new technologies.

The Eagle Labs funding will help to fast-track start-up programmes, develop one-to-one mentoring, and put on more cyber events and workshops.

Hollie Wakefield, general manager of CyNam, said: 'This project will empower CyNam to leverage its established network and expertise to foster collaboration, address the unique security challenges faced by emerging technology startups and attract stronger investment interest to the region. This programme has been designed especially to unlock the capabilities of the locality.'

Amanda Allan, director of Barclays Eagle Labs, said: 'We are excited to facilitate this funding to help CyNam continue its support for cyber security businesses in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire.

'Using our Ecosystem Partnership Programme, we are allocating funding to organisations like CyNam that are already plugged into their regional ecosystems. We are proud to be able to support these projects, which are designed to help early-stage tech entrepreneurs.

'Our support for CyNam and similar organisations highlights our ongoing commitment to support  the tech sector, which is vital to the continued growth of local economies across the whole of the UK.'

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