Cult Gloucestershire brewery forges new cloud and cyber security partnership

Cheltenham's hugely popular DEYA Brewing Company is partnering with Eagle Tower-based Emerge Digital to improve its cloud and cyber security strategy, as the business continues to grow.

By Chloe Gorman  |  Published
Cheltenham's DEYA Brewery is investing in new cloud technologies and cyber security solutions as it continues to grow its presence across the UK.

Award-winning beer brand, DEYA Brewing Company, is partnering with Cheltenham-based technology consultancy Emerge Digital to improve its cyber strategy.

The fast-growing brewery has trebled its staff numbers and production volumes since 2019 and plans to continue growing organically over the next few years. Its new partnership with Eagle Tower-headquartered Emerge will help it manage its increasingly complex digital operations as it continues to grow its presence throughout the UK. 

Emerge will build on DEYA's existing IT support structure, implementing new cloud solutions to improve employee satisfaction, productivity and efficiency, as well as cyber security solutions to protect its data and assets across the entire digital infrastructure. 

DEYA's COO, John Lord, said: 'At DEYA, we've always been driven by a commitment to excellence, both in the beers we craft and the way we operate our business. Our partnership with Emerge Digital is a natural extension of that commitment.

'Their pragmatic and innovative approach promises not only to provide us with the technological tools we need but also to guide us in using them effectively. It's not just about adapting to the digital age; it's about striving to be best in class in all that we do.'

Nigel Church, CEO of Emerge Digital, added: 'At Emerge Digital, we see immense potential in DEYA's vision, and we are thrilled to be part of its growth journey. Our tailored solutions are designed to empower DEYA, not just in overcoming present challenges but also in setting a path for a future where technology is harnessed to its fullest.

'Together, we aim to brew success, one innovative solution at a time.'

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