Exciting new deal for fast-growing Cheltenham tech company sees expansion into the Asia-Pacific market

An impressive new deal with an Australian firm is set to supercharge international growth at an innovative Gloucestershire business that already partners with multi-billion dollar US software giant, Oracle NetSuite.

By Andrew Merrell  |  Published
CloudTamers partnership with RSM Australia could open up the Asian Pacific market to the Gloucestershire firm.

Cheltenham-headquartered CloudTamers has won a ‘significant new deal’ with an Australian firm that will enable it to bring products developed by the Gloucestershire business to the potentially lucrative Asia-Pacific marketplace.

Founded three decades ago by former Gloucestershire teacher, Rebecca Eden, CloudTamers has already made a name as a trusted partner to American giant Oracle NetSuite, with its applications for the US firm’s business management software tools.

Now the business has signed a deal with RSM Australia to bring its HR for NetSuite app to the Southern hemisphere, with RSM already being the largest Oracle Netsuite partner supporting more than 1,500 clients across 120 countries.

Nick Eden, chief executive officer at CloudTamers, said: ‘When looking to expand our global reach, our first thoughts were to create a reseller partnership agreement, similar to that which both RSM Australia and CloudTamers have signed up to with NetSuite.

‘RSM is the best partner we could have hoped for, not only because of its global reach, but because of its understanding of the many local markets wherein they operate.

‘We will be able to tap into the local knowledge and experience of RSM which will help us improve our offering as we expand into the ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) region.

Year on year from 2021 to 2022, CloudTamers grew 26 per cent, with the firm exceeding a turnover of £1 million for the first time.

Eden said: ‘We are on track to grow by a further 25 per cent 2022 to 2023. Indeed, we are almost there already with two months left in our fiscal calendar.

‘This deal effectively allows us to grow our footprint without growing our staff costs. Also, importantly, it allows us to further enhance our software for the JAPAC region legislatively speaking.

‘And we have two further reseller agreements pending — both with European partners. This is a cornerstone strategy for our business growth over the next five years.’

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