Gloucester's popular Wall's Club to close its doors in March 2024

After providing a huge range of social events and sporting facilities for the employees of Wall's factory and the people of Gloucester for more than 60 years, Wall's Club is closing its doors for the final time on Sunday 31 March 2024.

By Emma Luther  |  Published
Gloucester's Wall's Club has been plunged into liquidation.

The committee behind Gloucester's popular Wall's Club has announced today that it's closing down in March 2024 because of financial pressures caused by the pandemic and cost of living.

In an emotional statement on Facebook, the committee said the decision to close the club, after more than 60 years of hosting events and socials, came with deep sadness. 

The statement said: 'The Wall's Club has become a Gloucester institution, known and used by so many who enjoyed the family friendly atmosphere, fantastic customer service and value for money facilities it has provided.

'Our aim as a business has always been to provide an affordable and accessible community facility aiming to provide great products and services that delivers value for money while assisting local people, businesses and charities.

'Since the Covid pandemic, we have been working extremely hard as a team for the past two and a half years to try and turn things around.

'Over the past 12 months, we felt like we had turned a significant corner, however, unfortunately it was not quickly enough and due to a combination of the Covid pandemic, a cost of living crisis, high inflation, high interest rates, a building requiring urgent renovation and an extremely difficult hospitality market, we have had no choice but to come to the very difficult decision to enter the company into liquidation.'

Its latest accounts for the year ending 31 March 2023 showed a deficit of £110,000, a significant loss compared to a deficit of £25,000 in 2022. 

Issuing an apology to its loyal users, the statement said: 'We would like to sincerely apologise to any customers who had events planned at the Wall's Club in the future. All these bookings were taken in good faith believing that we would be able to fulfil them.

'We have reached out to every customer individually and we are working with the proposed liquidator to understand the next steps as quickly as possible as well as offering to try to help them find an alternative venue.

'Finally, we would like to thank all the past directors, committee members, groups, organisations, charities, businesses and individuals who have supported the Wall's Club and helped us to shape the business over the past 60 years to ensure that thousands of people have been able to make memories that will last a lifetime.' 

Chairman Wayne Davis said: 'Having been involved with the Wall's Club for 20 years and the chairman for more than 10 years, this is an extremely sad day for me, I am absolutely devastated.

'However, my primary concern is for my dedicated employees and our loyal customers. The employees have gone above and beyond to ensure that the business has even managed to survive for the past two and a half years. I would like to sincerely thank them for their loyalty and hard work.'

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