Gloucestershire motor group one of first in UK to launch new JAECOO SUV this summer

A new Warners Motor Group showroom, opening in Gloucester this July 2024, is one of the first in the UK to showcase the latest offering from China's largest car manufacturer Chery Automomotive — the JAECOO J7 SUV.

By Emma Luther  |  Published
Gloucestershire family firm, Warners Motor Group, is partnering with Chinese car brand JAECOO to open its first UK showroom this July 2024.

Chinese premium car brand, JAECOO, is driving into one of its first UK showrooms this summer, with a new base in Gloucester opening this July 2024.

Part of Chery Automomotive, China's largest car maker, JAECOO is launching its brand-new off-road vehicle — which looks not too dissimilar to popular brands like Land Rover and Jeep — into the UK car market. 

The J7 is described as a premium SUV, packed full of technology, with both hybrid and electric powertrains. Its name JAECOO is inspired by a fusion of the German word Jäger — which means hunter — and the English word cool.

Gloucestershire family firm Warners Motor Group, which has bases in Tewkesbury and Gloucester, is delighted to be partnering with JAECOO for the new launch.  

In an announcement on social media, Warners said: 'As a long-standing family-run business, we're constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance our offerings and bring the best to our customers. That's why we're delighted to introduce our new partnership with Chinese manufacturer JAECOO.

'Introducing the J7: a premium four-wheel drive SUV poised to redefine luxury and performance in its class. With hybrid and electric powertrains available, the J7 promises to rival the best offerings from industry giants like Land Rover and BMW.

'UK customers can expect nothing short of excellence with a generous seven-year warranty on the new J7, coupled with an impressive eight-year battery warranty for electric versions.'

Warners is also partnering with JAECOO's sister brand OMODA, which will also have a new Gloucester showroom as it ventures into the UK car market.

OMODA is marketed as a pioneering automotive brand with a focus on futuristic crossover SUVs, innovative technology and environmental responsibility.

Warners Motor Group managing director, Mark Jones, said: 'We're really excited and proud to be introducing our partnerships with innovative brands like OMODA and JAECOO.

'This is a clear demonstration of our commitment to making great value sustainable vehicles more accessible for our customers.

'We're looking forward to the new venture as we continue to work with these new manufacturers.'

Warners Motor Group has thrived for more than 100 years in Gloucestershire.

Brothers Cecil and Harold Warner set up Warners Cars in 1920. At first, the business only served the farming community, but growth was rapid and the business soon encompassed car repairs, petrol supplies and bus services.

The Warners of today started to take shape in 1968 when Michael Warner, Harold's grandson, joined the business.

Moving from Twyning to Tewkesbury and then to Gloucester has helped it grow into Gloucestershire's leading motor group, with a turnover of £27.21 million for the financial year ending Saturday 30 September 2023.

It currently has successful partnerships with Peugeot, ISUZU and Citroën. 

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