Gloucestershire small business becomes most Googled laundry brand in the UK

Gloucester-based Tallow + Ash is going from strength to strength in its pursuit to 'revolutionise the boring laundry industry' — and it's just been revealed that it is the most searched-for laundry brand in the UK.

By Kaleigh Pritchard  |  Published
More Googled than Persil and Ariel, Tallow + Ash is a Gloucestershire company that's proving itself to be a market disrupter.

Since its launch in June 2023, Tallow + Ash has been making waves in the laundry industry — and it's now been revealed that the Gloucester-based brand is the most Googled laundry brand in the UK.

The independent business came out on top, beating market giants such as Persil and Ariel, as well as more eco-friendly companies like Ecover and SMOL — cementing its mission to become a disrupter in the industry.

The company, which was founded by local entrepreneur Ciara McGurk, announced the accolade via LinkedIn, with Ciara commenting: 'We’ve been obsessed with making the people who use our products as happy as possible. So learning we are already the most Googled brand in the industry is incredible!'

Its vibrant social media presence has been key to its success, with over 70,000 followers on Instagram hitting the red heart on images and reels of Tallow + Ash's perfume-inspired products.

In just a short period of time, the business has gone from strength to strength, from pitching in Las Vegas and securing a share of £5 million investment from BrewDog CEO, James Watt, to selling a huge 15,000 bottles over its launch weekend.

With sustainability at its heart, Tallow + Ash's laundry shampoos and conditioners are available through a subscription service, with refill packages available to replenish empty bottles and reduce plastic waste.

Its product line promises imminent growth, too, with concepts such as stain removing powder and fragrance sprays starting conversations across its social media platforms.

This innovative Gloucestershire company is one to watch!

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