Unique Gloucestershire laundry brand sells over 15,000 bottles during launch weekend

Tallow + Ash, a new laundry brand from Gloucestershire entrepreneur Ciara McGurk, has sold over 15,000 bottles of its unique, perfume-inspired laundry shampoo and conditioner in its first weekend of trading.

By Chloe Gorman  |  Published
Tallow + Ash's unique perfume-inspired laundry shampoo and conditioner is already proving popular with customers across the country.

After launching to the public on Friday 23 June 2023, unique new laundry brand, Tallow + Ash, has already sold over 15,000 bottles of its perfume-inspired laundry shampoo and conditioner.

The entrepreneur behind the brand, Ciara McGurk, wants to revolutionise the way we wash our clothes with clean chemistry and luxurious fragrances more akin to the perfumes and aftershaves we choose to wear. 

After amassing an incredible following on social media through the Tallow + Ash Laundry Lab Facebook group, the Gloucester-based businesswoman also won a £250,000 investment from BrewDog founder James Watt in his Next Unicorn competition this June 2023, before officially launching Tallow + Ash to the public.

During its first weekend of trading, it sold 15,382 bottles to customers in 795 locations across the UK, equating to more than 200,000 loads of laundry. Its current range features six perfume-inspired scents, with Oud, Celestial and Bahama Vibes being early bestsellers. 

In a thank you note to its newsletter subscribers, Tallow + Ash said: 'Thank you to all the amazing people that have made this launch incredible! The team has been working overtime over the weekend, but we're excited that all orders have now been picked up and are on their way to your homes — we hope you love using them!

'This launch really is just the beginning. We have so many incredible products to develop with you, and the next round of exciting product development will start in the next few weeks.'

Tallow + Ash products are available to buy on its website with a two-bottle bundle costing £11.99 for laundry shampoo and conditioner in a matching scent. Each 700ml bottle contains approximately 24 washes, with each individual wash costing around 24p. 

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