Gloucestershire town is the best place in the UK for employee wellbeing

With generous salaries, short commutes and a good work/life balance, Cheltenham takes the top spot on a new Employee Wellbeing League Table, listing the best UK locations for happy and healthy workforces.

By Chloe Gorman  |  Published
Topping the league table for employee wellbeing, Cheltenham boasts generous salaries, a good work/life balance and one of the shortest commutes in the country.

Cheltenham has taken the top spot on a new Employee Wellbeing League Table, which crowns the Regency town as the best place in the UK for employee health and happiness. 

The league table from Business Financed recognised Cheltenham's 'outstanding environment for workforce health and satisfaction' based on the town's generous average salary, balanced working hours, short commutes and high personal wellbeing scores. 

The median salary in Cheltenham is £31,067, reflecting a strong economy and good financial security for residents; the average commute in Cheltenham is just 16.7 minutes — one of the shortest on the league table; while working hours averaged at 36.8 hours per week, demonstrating a good work/life balance for employees in the town.

Residents say they have high levels of happiness and life satisfaction, too. 

The report also noted the 'robust' health and wellbeing programmes offered by employers; strong mental health support and community services; as well as the town's green spaces, leisure facilities and 'efficient' public transport options, which 'contribute to reducing daily stress and promoting a healthy lifestyle among the workforce' and support a 'high standard of living'.

Leader of Cheltenham Borough Council, councillor Rowena Hay, said: 'This report confirms what we’ve always known — that Cheltenham is a fantastic place to live and work.

'Cheltenham is a vibrant and lively town with world class events, an incredible food and drink scene, a diverse range of shops and beautifully maintained parks and green spaces. Combined with good transport links, this is why many businesses choose to base themselves here in our community.

'As a council, we have ambitious plans for the town, we continue to attract both new and growing businesses, as well as our established large employers.'

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