How Gloucester-based Optimising IT is helping a global shoe brand put its best foot forward

Global footwear brand, Vivobarefoot, has been working with Gloucester-based Optimising IT for nearly two years, with its cloud-based services transforming how the company manages and stores data, improving the user experience for staff and customers.

By Chloe Gorman  |  Published
Global footwear brand Vivobarefoot has been working with Optimising IT in Gloucester for the last two years.

Founded by seventh-generation cobbler and member of the family behind Clarks Shoes, Galahad Clark, Vivobarefoot is changing the shape of the footwear industry with its unique, nature-inspired shoes.

With a vision to reconnect people and planet, the certified B Corp creates regenerative footwear that feels as close to being barefoot as possible, helping to promote the foot's natural strength, stability and movement, as well as letting the wearer feel the ground beneath them.

A global player, Vivobarefoot has concept stores all over Europe, including one in London, as well as an online storefront for its men's, women's and children's shoes.

The company has been working with Gloucester-based Optimising IT for nearly two years, explaining how their partnership is having a positive impact on how the business operates. 

'We needed to find a managed service provider who could partner with Vivobarefoot, help to guide us and co-create our operational IT strategy. We knew what we wanted, but Optimising IT were really good from a solutions perspective.

'The impact of moving to Optimising IT was almost immediate as far as being able to execute against our strategic goals for operational IT. Services were consolidated, costs were reduced and we started to move more and more services into the cloud, as well as utilising more of Microsoft’s core applications.'

Optimising IT's cloud-based approach transformed the way the company stores and manages data, which proved to be a popular move with staff, as well as a more secure solution for the business. 

'We recently completed our migration for central data storage into SharePoint and OneDrive. We were previously using a third party application, which was neither popular nor fit for purpose.

'Optimising IT has been able to continue our progress towards running as a ‘cloud first’ business, ensuring that we have the absolute bare minimum within our head office.

'Speaking of which, the team at Optimising IT also completed an overhaul of the head office and retail networks, creating greater stability and resilience into the service.'

This digital migration has had a positive impact on staff performance, saved the company money and improved the overall customer experience, too. 

'Our SharePoint migration project improved end user performance, keeping staff in the Microsoft 365 environment as well as bringing our monthly costs down.

'We have also migrated several services to Optimising IT recommended products, such as 2FA, O365 backups, which have had similar impacts, meaning we have been able to improve service levels, end user productivity and reduce costs.'

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