How to drive around Europe and not pay a single penny for fuel

Hire a Tesla from Cheltenham’s Cleevely EV for a summer road trip and (as long as you use super-fast charging) your miles are completely free!

By Emma Luther  |  Published
The Tesla Model S 75D, for hire from Cleevely EV, charges in just 20 minutes.

With everything feeling so expensive these days, it's nice to know there are some savings to be made. But who would have thought a Tesla could be the answer to a bargain summer break?

Okay, you've got to have the funds to hire it in the first place, but once you're on the road — provided you use super fast charging — there's no cost to powering up, no matter how many miles you clock up.

Suddenly a summer road trip across Europe begins to look like a purse-friendly possibility!

Cleevely EV, in Cheltenham, has a 2018 Tesla Model S 75D that can be rented from £175 for 24 hours or £395 from Friday to Monday, which doesn't seem bad for a vehicle worth £34,000.

The price includes insurance and supercharging (just 20 minutes to 'fill the tank'), so once you're on the road all you need to focus on is enjoying the drive.

With all this in mind, what's it like cruising around the Cotswolds on a day trip, where the miles simply don't matter? SoGlos decided to put it to the test.

When a driver has never stepped into an EV before, it's an array of new experiences. From the enormous sat nav-style screen to the visual data popping up on the dashboard — there's a lot of information to absorb and it feels very futuristic.

The car alerts you, with a traffic light system, if you're getting too close to the kerb or if other drivers are a bit too near. And you get to see approaching cars on a screen as well as through the window — which adds to a feeling of safety. 

Our motor was fully charged with more than 250 miles on the dash and, although we gave the car a good run over to new cafe The Lakes Bar & Kitchen at The Lakes By Yoo near Cirencester for brunch, before cruising down to Tetbury for a spot of shopping and over to Stroud to test its (effortless) ability to climb and descend hills, the battery charge stayed strong.

It was a novelty watching the remaining miles flash like a battery power percentage on your mobile phone.

But the best bit, without question, was the power of the vehicle. With a tap of the accelerator (it drives like an automatic) you're whizzing along Cotswold country lanes at a punchy pace that made us squeal with delight.

Acceleration is smooth and responsive and the power of the all-wheel drive combined with the super-fast speed feel quite incredible. The Tesla can accelerate from zero to 62 miles per hour in an exhilarating 4.4 seconds.

And really that's our main takeaway — it's an absolute joy to drive, from the way the car hugs the road with its all-wheel drive to the way driving feels more effortless than usual.

Suddenly you notice other Tesla cars on the road and feel part of special club that makes you smile like a Cheshire cat.

For more information on hiring Cleevely EV's Tesla for long and short road trips, call (01242) 308006.

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