One of Gloucestershire's most prolific family firms celebrates successful year with great-grandson at the helm

Respected company within the natural health and wellbeing sector, Gloucester's family-owned GR Lane Health Products (Lanes Health) returns turnover to pre-Covid levels in just one year with Jonathan Groves as its new executive chairman.

By Zoe Gater  |  Published
Renowned Gloucester family firm, GR Lane Health Products (Lanes Health), celebrates successful transitional year with annual report figures returning to pre-Covid levels.

One year ago, Gloucester-based family firm, GR Lane Health Products (Lanes Health), introduced its new executive chairman, Jonathan Groves — the great-grandson of its founder, Gilbert Lane.

Since officially taking control of the family firm, with a true understanding of the weight of responsibility on his shoulders and the vision for the business, Groves has had a hugely successful transition year which has seen the group turnover go from £32.84 million in 2021 to £38.44 million.

Impressively, this has brought Lanes' turnover back to pre-Covid levels in just a single year.

As of July 2022, Lanes' gross profit hit £23.7 million, which is a £4.4 million increase from the previous year. 

The figures were revealed in the county firm's annual report, for the year ending 31 July 2022.

Trading as Lanes Health, the company is most recognised for its household brands across the UK and internationally, with names such as Pro Plus, Olbas Oil and Kalms some of its top-selling products. The business also owns Jakemans, the Lincolnshire-based manufacturer of Jakemans Mentholated Lozenges.

The company created a niche area, blending natural remedies and science to create products which benefit people’s health, expanding from health food shops to pharmacies to supermarkets — continuing to adapt and keep moving for more than 90 years.

Jonathan Groves said: 'Stepping into a key leadership role in my family business is exciting whilst weighted with responsibility, as it is my job to take an established, successful business forward, working with a very talented team to shape its future.'

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