SoGlos Top 100 Businesses in Gloucestershire 2023 is coming soon

SoGlos will reveal the Top 100 Businesses in Gloucestershire for 2023 — showcasing the very biggest businesses in the county, this June 2023. Using a robust research methodology, this exclusive list has been uniquely created by SoGlos and can't be found anywhere else, proudly flying the flag for Gloucestershire and proving the county is a brilliant place to do business!

By Andrew Merrell  |  Published
SoGlos and partners are gearing up to reveal the biggest businesses in Gloucestershire by turnover.

As part of our ongoing mission to champion how incredible the county is as a place to do business, SoGlos has teamed up with GFirst LEP, The Growth Hub, Gloucestershire College and law firm Lodders to compile a unique super hot list — The Top 100 Businesses in Gloucestershire.

Using a robustly-designed methodology, The Top 100 Businesses featured will be ranked by turnover, with information also included on staff numbers and sectors, all to highlight the diversity of businesses and power of the economy here in the county.

Michelle Fyrne, group editor of SoGlos, said: ‘Creating The Top 100 Businesses list has been a labour of love, with some surprising revelations unearthed during our painstaking research. 

'Along with our partners, at SoGlos we feel passionately about highlighting the diversity of businesses represented in the county, with these top 100 powerhouses collectively underlining just what a great place the county is to do business and giving a fascinating insight into the success stories that make up business in Gloucestershire.’

Companies need a recognised headquarters in the county to qualify and the all-important turnover being their last publicly declared figure.

Firms fall between a turnover in the region of £15 million up to several billion pounds and from 20 or 30 staff to several thousand.

James Fyrne, managing director of SoGlos, said: ‘We have just revealed SoGlos's own growth figures — statistics that reinforce our position as the most successful independent media brand in the county - in addition to our daily lifestyle and business coverage, growing audience and annual highlights such as the SoGlos Gloucestershire Business Awards and the SoGlos
Gloucestershire Lifestyle Awards
 - and now the Top 100 Businesses in Gloucestershire.'

If you think your business should be featured in the Top 100, please email stating the most up-to-date turnover figure and staff numbers.

The full list will be revealed on SoGlos later in June 2023, with business newsletter subscribers finding out who has made the prestigious list first. 

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