Vacant and disused spaces in Gloucester to be transformed in new city rejuvenation project

A new venture from Gloucestershire-based construction firm, Elijahwillow Ltd, will see neglected areas in the city of Gloucester transformed, bringing life back to the high street, and creating jobs and community opportunities.

By Kaleigh Pritchard  |  Published
The new construction project aims to revamp Gloucester's high street, filling vacant buildings, restoring listed properties and creating jobs and opportunities for residents.

The Elijahwillow Project launches this month as a social enterprise designed to rejuvenate and revamp vacant commercial properties across Gloucester's high street.

The once bustling city centre and its four gate streets and surrounding areas will be targeted in the project, with spaces being transformed into mixed-use buildings for retail, accommodation and more.

The ultimate goal of the project is to ensure there are no shops left empty, with the company fostering new businesses for ground-floor units.

The project will also see the establishment of an on-site training centre, encouraging and preparing promising individuals for self-employment and business management. Graduates from this programme will be able to lease the properties developed, equipped with the necessary business knowledge and access to ongoing support.

The project will also oversee the restoration of some of the city's listed buildings, in collaboration with third-party construction firms, which will also create jobs and apprenticeship schemes, and help to nurture and preserve timeless skills involved in heritage conservation.

The not-for-profit scheme is the brainchild of Director at Elijahwillow Ltd, Dan Ponting, who said: 'The Elijahwillow Project is close to my heart. Our mission is to breathe new life into the city of Gloucester, enriching our community and economy by restoring vacant properties.

'We are combining the charm and character of our historic city with innovative and sustainable solutions. We aim to create a vibrant, inviting city centre that respects the past, while also looking to the future.'

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